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What is The Lemon Detox Diet?

Lemon detox diet, originally known as The Master Cleanse, is a popular diet for natural cleaning of your body. Simple, safe and efficient program which helps you revitalize. Our bodies are like machines that spend energy. Once you lose energy, you lose vitality, also. Therefore, you are less resistant to toxins that are everywhere, even in the air and water we drink. They are part of our daily nutrition and have negative effects on kidneys, liver, lungs and skin.

All substances that are taken, no matter natural or produced, are generated in body – the rest is eliminated. The suffice of food transforms into fat. In that fat, in particular, toxins are stored.

Many research has shown that just because of the above mentioned, the body needs abstention for hard food. This is a blessing for mind, body and spirit. Body needs revitalization in order to work with effects. Lemon detox diet is necessary.

How to Make Lemon Detox Diet?

Lemon detox diet recipe:

In a cup of water add 2 tbsp. of lemon juice and 2 tbsp. of the syrup. Mix it well. Finally, add one coffee spoon of pepper powder or ginger.
Lemon Detox Diet - Recipe
You should drink 8-9 cups per day with no combination of hard food. This detoxification process lasts 10-14 days.

It is a low calorie regime that will provide only 600 calories daily but will not provide the proteins, fats, B-vitamins, minerals and fibers needed.  You will lost weight not because of the fact that the drink is magical, but because of the fact that you do not take food.

Before you start practicing lemon detox diet, a colon cleansing is recommended.

The recipe is very simple. Take one coffee spoon of sea salt and add a cup of warm cleaned water (250 ml). Take it at the moment of preparation. It will start working immediately. According to your needs you can take it two times per day – in the morning and before sleep. But, not more than this doze is recommended.

Now, it is time for lemon detox diet. Lemon detox diet itself is not expensive, but it is not easy also. Be ready in following few days to consume only a colon cleansing drink and the lemon detox diet recipe. And, of course a lot of water.

NOTE: For those who practice this diet, for the first time: You can practice this diet only three days, not more than that!!!

For the rest who have tried and have success: You can practice lemon detox diet for in 14 days. This is a short period that will give you fast result in the lose weight process and in the body detoxification process.

Lemon Detox Diet - About

You will be suppressed by the fact how well you will feel after the detoxification process. After you throw away toxins, your body will take back the ability to function on the optimal level and many diseases will be prevented. Your kidneys, liver and colon will eliminate toxins faster. Therefore, your body will maintain less toxins in the future.

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When to Start Lemon Detox Diet?

Eating improper food in the past, results in tiredness and sickness of your body. If you feel lazy, sleepy, lethargic, mover weighted, unsatisfied with yourself or with any kind of health disorder, it is high time you start practicing the lemon detox diet.

Lemon detox diet can be practiced few times during a year. Each time you feel dizzy you can get back to the detoxification program.

NOTE: It is very important to know that Lemon Detox is a temporal solution not a long term diet for weight loss.  

What You Can Eat and What You Can’t?!?

I bet you wonder: “What can I eat during lemon detox diet?”

It is allowed: salty water, lemon detox diet recipe, herb tea and water. You mustn’t consume hard food nor alcohol. After 10 to 14 days you can include real food, step by step. Starting with juice and soup, you can furthermore add fruit and vegetables. No dairy products.

Lemon Detox Diet - Slim Down

Daily Lemon Detox Diet Plan

  1. In the morning, prepare your organism for cleansing and digestion by lemon detox diet recipe;
  2. Eat raw food. The point is to decrease food intake or to take food which is highly nutritive with enzymes. Eat a lot of green salads;
  3. Drink water, fresh vegetable juice and herb tea for detoxification: nettle, cleavers, calendula, burdock and red clover. The point is to drink three liters liquid per day. This will help the lymph glands to move on and kidneys will support the upcoming detoxification;
  4. Chew: Here, the point is to chew each bite 10 to 12 times before you swallow it. It will give you a sense of satiation without overeating;
  5. Body brushing. Use loofah and make a body massage under shower. Start from legs and arms, avoiding throat and face. End with cold shower. You will fasten blood circulation by doing this.
  6. Workout: During detoxification process you should do workout at least one hour per day. A good training increases lymph flow and stimulates toxin elimination;
  7. Detox mind: While you are focused on body detoxification, detox your mind, also. Meditate 15 minutes per day. If you don’t know how to do it, make a breathing through your stomach, Breath through your nose, counting to four and exhale slowly through mouth.

NOTE: Lemon Detox Diet is not recommended if you are pregnant, if you are breastfeeding, if you have high blood pressure or any other chronic diseases.

Benefits of Lemon Detox Diet

  • Body cleansing;
  • Loss of weight;
  • Increased self-confidence;
  • Positive attitude;
  • Increased energy and vitality;
  • Shiny hair and tougher nails;
  • Shiny skin;
  • A new way of nutrition;
  • Releasing constipation.

Why The Lemon Detox Diet Works?

It is nothing else but a speed up process of weight loss and detoxification. By practicing lemon detox diet you don’t do anything else that the body itself doesn’t do. It filtrated body poisonous substances and it has a healthy effect. It detox all body cells, not only the liver.

You will improve your body health in a natural way without using any type of medical preparations. It has been proven in many cases. It is the favorite diet of the pop star Beyoncé. In the “Оprah Winfrey Show”, she stated that she has lost 20 lb. by practicing 14-day lemon detox diet.

Why is The Lemon Detox Diet Bad for You?

The idea of getting rid of the body toxins is not in the essence of human biology. Your organs and immune system can handle them. But, by lemon detox diet you fasten this process. It sometimes can be bad for your health, every highly risky. However, the risk varies from person to person. Lemon detox diet is low caloric and equals starving.

Therefore, your pounds can be back immediately if you start extreme nutrition after lemon detox diet. You must observe further diet.
Lemon Detox Diet - The Complete Master Cleanse

Lemon Detox Diet Side Effects

The level of effort is very high. It is very likely that you will be starving by using such a strict diet.

In the first days you can “come across” the “detox symptoms” such as: starvation, tiredness, boredom and headaches.

Lemon Detox Diet Tips

  • You can use lime instead of lemon;
  • You can replace pepper with ginger;
  • Make a concentrate of equal amount of lemon/lime and organic maple or agave juice. Put a concentrate in a dark bowl and keep it in the fridge. Every time when you want to make a drink. The mixture is: 4 spoons of concentrate mixed with pure water in a cup. You will have a “snack” every time when you feel that you are hungry.

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NOTE: During lemon detox diet your body has a low level of proteins which are essential for regular function of your organism. Bear in mind the latter and include proteins in your nutrition step by step. Finally, they are the main energy source.

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