Releasing The Kidney Stones in 10 Days Using These Remedies 

 December 5, 2020

By  Gabriela

Millet – a simple remedy for healing of kidney stones. It has a high nutrient value and healing properties. In traditional medicine is used as a natural cure for urolithiasis (creation of kidney stones in the urine). It cleans the kidneys, eliminates the sand and mucosa (lining), it helps in healing of women diseases, heals cysts, etc.

If you have lower back pain related to kidney stones, we recommend this efficient remedy originating from traditional Russian medicine. This is a remedy, for the efficient healing of the kidney, its detoxification, disposing of out of the sand and small kidney stones.


  • In a larger 100 oz. (3 liters) bowl, add 0.5 pounds of millet and pour 8 cups (2 liters) of hot water;
  • Leave it over the night. During the night your remedy will become a white liquid.

Use and application:

Firstly pour the liquid in another bowl. Drink it during the day without limitation, respectively when you wish and how much you wish.

Do not dispose of the sediment. You can prepare a healthy mash for breakfast. 1 glass of millet with 100 oz. (3 liters) of water is prepared for 15 minutes.

Every evening, you prepare a new mixture for the next day. Repeat the procedure for 10 to 15 days.


In the period of 10-15 days, kidney stones will be melted completely. The body will eliminate it throughout the urine while doing detoxification and disposing itself of the sand. The tissues of the kidneys will also be renewed.

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Another Tasty Recipe Against Kidney Stones

Millet and Barley Risotto

Whole grains are bonded to the waste material and help their moving faster through the colon. The barley and millet, especially, are low glycemic index, respectively are transferred into sugar. The preserving of a stable level of sugar in the blood eases the burden to the kidneys and helps in detoxification. Here is the recipe:

Millet and Barley Risotto

Vegan Tips:

These food products are quite cheap and available to anyone. The remedies are simple, but most importantly – they are natural.

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