5 Ways To Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Energy




On a daily basis, we encounter people with both positive and negative emotions. Some of them are always complaining, insulting others, and have a pessimistic view of everything. When there is a positive emotion you always take a good mood while negative emotions can dry up all of your energy.

You have to make a difference between sympathy and empathy. Empathy is the experience when you feel another’s emotions, you place yourself in their condition and see their problems as yours. That’s why you absorb the negative emotions from them. On the other hand, sympathy is when you just have compassion for people.

Here are the ways to dispel negative energy:

1. Do Not Make People Like You

You have to stay authentic and not care for others’ opinions. You may be the most perfect person in the world, but there will be always someone who will criticize you. When this happens do not try to make that person like you. You are not supposed to be good and perfect for everyone. If you allow such opinions to affect your self-esteem and make you emotionally dependent that will drag you into their negativity. Stay focused on your individuality and do not be concerned about what others will say. Remember that there will be always likes and dislikes.

2. Say “No”

It is a virtue to be a generous person, but not when someone is taking advantage of your generosity. Although it may be surprising for them, be prepared to set and enforce limits. For e.g., some could not always forget their wallet, crash on your couch without an invitation, or make fun of themselves. Do not allow everyone to enter your personal life. Feel free to express yourself even when you expect not to.

3. Do Not Allow Others’ Problems to Alter Your Mood

You are not responsible for solving others’ problems, especially for someone who is always complaining rather than looking for a solution.

You can listen to your friend who is struggling, offering your support to someone in need but do pay too much attention. The more attention they get, the more likely they would like to be pitied. Do not feel guilty for refusing to engage in someone’s problems and know when to remove from the situation.

4. Free Your Mind from Others

When you feel the negative energy is approaching, go somewhere, relax, and free yourself from everything. Bring your mind peace and quietness in contrast to the chaos you might be in. When you have to face it you will be more refreshed and will not allow something to drain your energy.

5. Take Care Only of yourself

Bear in mind that you have to care about your inner rather than your outer environment. You are responsible for your emotions and thoughts. Your mood is altered by your environment and take care about which environment you choose. If you choose a positive environment, it will complement your mood and emotions and will make you more resistant to negative energy. Remember that you are in charge of your happiness.

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