Scientists Realize Your Dreams: Tequila vs. Obesity and Diabetes





Here is some good news! Based on the latest scientific research, tequila can help in the fight against obesity! Incredible, but true. Tequila can really help in losing weight.

According to recent research done by the American Chemical Society, tequila helps with your obesity. Tequila also helps to lower blood sugar levels. This is incredible news for diabetics who suffer from type 2 diabetes.

Tequila is made from the plant Agave. Agavina (sugar that comes from this plant) causes insulin production and reducing of the blood sugar level. Scientists have drawn their conclusion from an experiment conducted on mice. The results were stunning: Agavina (the sweetener) helped overweight mice to drop a few lbs. Unlike sucrose, fructose, and glucose, agavina is not absorbed in the body, which results in a lowering blood sugar level.

How Much Tequila Should I Drink To Combat Obesity?

Despite this amazing discovery, IT DOES NOT MEAN you have to drink your tequila with every meal. Note that this agavina is actually a type of fiber that creates a feeling of fullness and suppresses appetite. According to scientists, agavina is an easy replacement for sweeteners, because it is highly soluble sugar, with a neutral taste and low glycemic index. Most importantly, humans do not metabolize it.

Obesity - TequilaAccording to statistics, there are about 26 million Americans who suffer from diabetes, and another 2 million – new cases diagnosed annually. Realizing that there is great potential for creating a new and different kind of sweetener that lowers blood sugar, is great news for diabetics.

When it comes to health benefits, any research is welcome. This research is a revolutionary step forward, which creates the basis for the future production of sweetener, which is great for regulating blood sugar and against obesity.

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