Gym Equipment Vs. Free Weights Workout – Pros And Cons




In any gym you can find gym equipment with which you can do intense training. But, you can make free weights workout also. Those who are experienced in training,  practice only free weights training. The less experienced, may make a combination of free weights  and workout with gym equipment. There is a constant dispute whether it is better:

  1. Workout with gym equipment, or
  2. Free weights workout.

Lately, gym equipment is very popular.

Many research have shown the fact that gym equipment help a lot in the creation of muscles. However, they cannot afford proper stimulation of torso and stabilization muscles. Due to this fact, many people use free weights workout through making complex exercises. In addition, you will see the advantages and disadvantages of free weights and workout with gym equipment.

Gym Equipment or Free Weights Workout

Workout With Gym Equipment


  • They are easy to use – because next to every machine there are instructions with an image;
  • You can move almost every part of your body at the same time;
  • You can resist more in the training without much effort and help;
  • If you were injured or on a rehabilitation, you can easily recover;


  • You cannot make bend, pulse and twist movements at the same time;
  • You cannot pay attention to the stabilization muscles;
  • You can hurt yourself easily if the machine is not used properly;
  • You would have to wait in the gyms for your turn.

However, gym equipment can be used by experienced trainers or by beginners. It is up to you weather you will do workout at home or at the gym. DO IT!

Free Weights Workout


  • Provide exercises for complete activation of your functions;
  • Provide your body with range of movements while doing the exercises;
  • Activates stabilization muscles;
  • Higher results;
  • Possibility for doing many exercises;
  • Doing exercises out of the gym;
  • It is cheaper than a workout machine.


  • You need more time to learn techniques;
  • Higher risk of injuries;
  • You often need a trainer to assist.

Gym Equipment or Free Weights - pros and cons

Who Can Do These Exercises?

    • Active sportists;
    • Professional trainers;
    • Beginners.

    Remember. Whether you exercise with machines or free weights, if you’re aiming to gain muscles or to lose weight, always drink water, watch the diet and stay positive.

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