Skin Care Tips for Wrinkles-Free Baby Face 

 August 10, 2014

By  Gabriela

With growing up, maturing and aging, our skin is also changed, and appearing of wrinkles is inevitable.

To slow down this natural process, you must follow our skin care tips.

When young, we don’t have to worry about the youth look of skin and face, except in some special cases, as appearing of acne, blackheads, scars etc.

Still, no matter your age, face skin requires special care.

Today it is quite easy and cheap.

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So, our advice is:

 “Follow our skin care tips, take care for your face, first wrinkles appearing and their elimination in a natural and healthy way


Understanding Your Skin and Wrinkles

It is always nice looking at remarkable and perfect baby skin. You pass your life wondering – Where has your baby skin gone? But, before I tell you how to maintain wrinkles-free baby face, it is necessary to know the structure of the skin and causes of wrinkles appearance.

  1. Epidermis is the external layer of skin which protects the internal layers from external influences. This layer is always first struck from influences and is most visible. Therefore the aging and epidermis damaging are immediately visible.
  2. Dermis is the second skin layer. This layer contains connective tissues that bonding skin together. Those are: collagen giving the sturdiness and elastin in charge for skin’s elasticity. Between the dermis and epidermis, dermal-epidermal junction is found. This mid-layer enables nutrients from the blood vessels to get to the dermis and epidermis.
  3. Hypodermis or subcutaneous tissue is the lowest part of the skin. It is composed of fat cells enabling body isolation. During time they make your skin full and plump.

Skin care tips - Epidermis Dermis and HypodermisDuring time, epidermal cells will become thinner for 10% in each decade. As a result of lower collagen and elastin amounts, your skin will become dryer and you won’t be able to keep it baby-like skin. Wrinkles will appear.

As skin itself, in the sub skin layer, fat cells become thinner which increases the chances for appearing of wrinkles.

Off course you can’t prevent them from appearing. However, if you follow our skin care tips while you are still young, you can react to slowing down the effect of skin aging and wrinkles appearing.

Wrinkles Free – Skin Care Tips

Young girls want to experiment with their look, using many kinds of make-ups. They all promise pretty, young and fresh skin look. But, it is commonly known that they are all made up of chemicals acting harmfully on the face skin.

That’s why we offer you several skin care tips that can help you slower the skin aging process and wrinkles appearing (these advice’s are for boys too):

  1. Wash your face once a day, but just once (the most important of our skin care tips).Tap water has high chlorine percent that is the main reason for creating of wrinkles. In this way you will keep the skin hydrated;
  2. Wash your face with liquid sweet soap. Choose brands with moisturizers in the content. They are based on water. Don’t use regular soaps or body alkaline deodorants. On the contrary, avoid them!
  3. After washing your face, wipe it up with clean soft towel and adhere a proper face crème;
  4. Sun and sunlight is also a reason for wrinkles appearing. That’s why, anytime you are exposed to sun, use sunscreen;
  5. The way of sleeping is also important against wrinkles appearing. It is best you sleep on your back, and not with your face on the pillow;
  6. Avoid alcohol and smoking. These bad habits are harmful for your skin but also overall health. Except wrinkles appearing, the skin loses its shine.

With the years we all get wrinkles. However, while still young, follow these skin care tips, make your skin shine, be naturally pretty, fresh and clean at least as a prevention. With following of these skin care tips you can help in preventing and postponing the first wrinkles appearing. Once again, FOLLOW OUR SKIN CARE TIPS wherever you are.

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