What is Love?

The eternally disputed theme and one of the most prominent phrases in the human existence. A chemical process, a condition, a mental barrier, a mental determination… There are many associations with this concept of love. However, can love be generalized or defined?

Love is compromising, understanding, good will and commitment. It is a powerful feeling without any obligations… simply a trance. The biggest paradox of love is freedom. It is something that can be given, something that can/ should be received, and something that can be felt and experienced. Baring in mind the previously mentioned, we can conclude that love is the greatest blessing of life.

Love And FreedomLove, however, is something you cannot define. When you brain – storm a little more regarding this issue, you can easily conclude that there is not ONLY ONE definition to this word. If one thinks in this way, it is a rather limitation of the concept. On the other hand, there are many definitions and explanations would fit. Therefore, love is by default, a concept explained by words and, at the same time, a concept beyond words.

Love is not only being intimate to some person you like, not at all. Well, love includes being intimate to someone and one cannot exclude the combination of physical attraction and s*xual desire for a certain person. Also includes emotional attachment. A combination of various feelings, nons*xual relation to the beloved person, devotion, inexplicable and profound platonic view of the person you like… Finally, it is a constant give – and – take in terms of devotion of time, feelings, emotion…

Love Is The Language Of Feelings

Is “Love” Only A Simple Word?

Is it a common concept? The answer is hidden deeply inside each of us, since everyone has its own definition. Therefore, the importance that love has in somebody’s life depends only by the way one ”sees” the concept ”love’’. However, it is easily concluded that love plays a very important role in people’s life and has many functions. But the stress is on ”psychological function”. Love may be an inspiration for many authors, but, again, the emotional and psychological relief that love ”offers” is in the focus of attention.

Love exists in many aspects of life, but it is always adapted in a different way… It always appears in a different form. Maybe, here is the answer of the question above… Love is a very complex issue that varies from person to person, because that it is ”combined” by a complex ”mixture” of different feelings, emotions and unusual circumstances. This wonderful feeling when one is not even touched by the beloved person conveys an inexplicable desire for another human being. In addition,  this desire is growing more and more…

Eyes absorb what hearts want and suddenly, there is a powerful and justifiable reason to feel. Everyone has plans for life, but none has defined love…. Each of us wishes to find someone who would accept us the way we are. Someone who would make our day. Someone who would give us a smile looking us straight in our face. Someone who, by few spoken words, would show us that is ready to give us his soul. A person who would fight for us, and every single day would show us how much we mean to him, we…. and our shortcomings. But none has defined love.

In the stage of infatuation, deeply inside, one feels the love fire that usually ends in the area of your mind, of your heart, of your soul… Then starts the mystery of love that is based on the spine in your own mind….

The Difference Between Passion, Attachment and Love Is The Equivalent of The Difference Between – Currently, Sometimes and Forever.

Love And Passion

There are some things that even experience and time cannot change because they are stronger than us and, often, paradoxically, part of us. There is such a kind of love that never ends, and that cannot be explained by thousands of words. Only those who have experienced it can define love. Tender touch of trembling fingers. Warm embrace. A feeling that cannot be explained – that is love. Finally, love is something that can change your life (and often does). When feelings defeat reality – let them happen. On one hand, love is a set of emotions, feelings, affection and devotion.

On the other hand, there is destiny – a sum of countless coincidences, not a product of people’s desire and fantasy. It is up to peoples’ choice whether to opt for ”the set of emotions” or for ”the set of coincidences”. However, words may lie, but a gaze and an embrace will always tell the truth! Moreover, the truth is something one should always fight for.

Therefore, love is a battle. Love is a war. Love is growing up! Remember: Where there is love, there is life…