How Drinking Water Has Changed My Life?




Before I explain why drinking water is the most essential part of human health, I want to give you a small introduction about: what water is, and where is its place in everyday life.

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One of the healthiest substances which is in the basis of our existence is pure water which is incomparable to other glossaries. Water or “potable water” is a substance of life which is less important only from oxygen and the word potable is derived from the Latin term “potablis”.

It has been proven that one can resist without food 40 days but not even 10 without water. Lack of water intake changes the structure of your organism and leads to degenerative changes of tissues and organs. Believe it or not, many diseases, such as gastritis, cholesterol, high blood pressure, allergies, asthma etc are result of a permanent dehydration.

In many countries water is used in households’ merchant and industry. Only few of them fulfill the standards of potable water to use it freely in immediate consummation or preparation of food. Its replaces, such as coffee, tea, juice and other liquids cannot replace pure water in people’s organism.

A big part of the world falls to people who have inadequate access to drinking water and to mountain springs which are contaminated with unacceptable degree of toxins of substances with suspended negative effect. All of this results in temporal or chronicle diseases which is furthermore a reason for death and poorness in many countries. To decrease the level of contamination of water in the countries in transition is quite a problem.

Water has always been important for life and it is essential for survivor of many living organisms. 70% of people’s body falls to water. It is a key of the metabolic process and it is a dilute solver of many body substances. An adult should drink 2 l water per day in overage.

Drinking Water - How and When

What Are The Benefits of Drinking Water?

Mass media has had a number of discussions related to drinking water issue. Drinking water helps you maintain the hydration of your body. This is very important because every cell of your body should absorb nutritive elements and to reject junky ones.

But, what about the rest benefits of drinking water:

1. Drinking water provide cleaning toxins in your body! It cleans away the metabolic refuse from the organism and the inner toxins. Water is highly important when one is under food regime or diet, especially if we are talking about the protein diet. It also helps in getting rid of the excessive amount of nitrogen, urea and ketones. If you are doing sport in a professional way and you want to gain muscles, you ought to drink liters of water to alienate your kidneys in doing their function.

2. Drinking water helps you stay young! Drinking water is good for your skin. It keeps your skin moisture and reduces the possibility of wrinkles appearance. If you don’t drink water enough, you will have dry skin. Also, if the body defects lack of water, it will keep the already taken little amounts of water to preserve it for rainy days. This will inflate your skin.

3. Drinking water helps you lose weight! Many nutrition regimes, diets and fitness programs include drinking a lot of water. One of the benefits of drinking water is exactly, losing weight. Drinking water kills appetite and also when the body is well hydrated it takes at excessive body liquids. Moreover, drinking water helps your body burn stored fat. When you drink a lot of water your kidneys work in harmony without mediation of the liver. The liver, also, has the function to make your stored fat react. In other words, drinking water provides easier taking out your body toxins and prevents constipation.

It is better to drink water with lemon. A glass of water kept out of fridge and seasoned with lemon is the best combination in the morning. By doing so, you will prevent flu, cold and will make a balance in your metabolism.

4. Drink water to gain muscles! Water makes our muscles stronger. It takes oxygen to your body cells, including your muscles cells. Water makes muscles work harder and longer which leads to their definition.

5. Drinking water makes you smarter! Drinking water increases your brain cognitive function. In order to work on ideal level, your body needs a lot of oxygen. Drinking water from 8-10 glasses per day improves brain’s cognitive performance. Drinking water is also important for your nerves. In other words, water makes your electrolytes keep their optimal level in your body which helps your nerves to send information to your brain fast.

6. Drinking water is good for your ankles! Your ankles need moisture to be flexible and your movements to be smooth and painless. This is the drinking water benefit. Water makes ankles strong, healthy and smoothly.

7.  Drinking water helps in maintaining your colon function! Your gastrointestinal tract needs hydration in order to prevent constipation. When your body lacks liquid it absorbs water from your body litter in order to maintain body hydration. That is how constipation occurs.

Drinking Water - Benefits

Gain New Habits Which Are Essential For You And Your Health And Drink Water When…

You wake up – or before you have a breakfast. By day so, you clean up your inner system. It provides good absorption of nutritive elements and cleans your gastrointestinal tract.

You feel hungry – simply take a glass of water. Wait for a second. If you feel satiated that means that you were thirsty and not hungry. Drink water before you eat to keep up hydration on optimal level.

You eat – drinking water during your meal helps you swallow food easier, it supports your digestive system and makes you feel satiated. Therefore, you eat less food.

You have a cold – when your immune system is attacked by bacterial infection or flu, your metabolic rate increases and your body spends body liquids. If you have a fever, you cool down your body through sweating. Through sneezing and when your nose pours out slime, you lose liquid literally. You lose liquid also, when you have diarrhea and nausea. Therefore, drinking water is essential.

You have diarrhea – you must drink a lot of water. In this condition your body loses a lot of liquid and dehydration is very like able to happen. Cramps in your muscles are possible as a symptoms of dehydration.

Sick – Your appetite decreases and you must drink water even when you are not thirsty. A Vitamin C and water mixture will help a lot.

Drunk – drinking water helps your digestive system to absorb alcohol faster. Water releases your body from toxic substances and alcohol side effects.

Pregnant – a pregnant woman should in average drink around 10 glasses of water per day (2, 5 l liquid per day). This includes drinking milk, tea, soup and other alcohol-free liquid. Drinking water – no matter bottled or tap water – is an excellent way to hydrate between two meals time.

Hangover – YES!!! While you drink alcohol, you should in fact, drink a glass of water for each alcohol drink. In this way, you will stay hydrated and will stop hangover. Alcohol dehydrates body and drinking water will only replace your body liquids. The result will be: You will feel better.

Hungry – drinking water half an hour before you eat will decrease your appetite and will improve your digestion.

Dehydrated – when your usual level of liquid in your body is decreased, it ruins the mineral balance in your body (salt and carbohydrates). In this condition you lose energy. Drinking water is essential in such situation.

Nauseated – it happens when you have a stomach disease or pregnancy. Even anxiety can cause this state. Due to constant nausea, body dehydrates. Body feels exhausted and needs a lot of water. Drink from 8-10 glasses of water per day – you can give it a try with sport drinks which contain electrolytes and minerals. You must substitute the spend one’s.

High (under drugs) – then you are tired and dehydrated. Drink water. It increases your energy level; increases your metabolic rate; it brings nutritive elements to every body cells; takes out litter elements from your cells; regulates body temperature; eliminates excessive energy through sweating and adds to digestion. You feel better after all of this, don’t you?!?

Who Should Drink Water?

Water should drink everybody and regularly. Water is essential for good health. It has zero calories and it is sugar-free. Every living organism needs it; every man in every sphere or segment in the human existence. Also, water has the key part in handling many diseases and inflammations. Its consummation can helps in the curing process of many health disorder.

Drinking Water - The Master Of Drinks

Water should drink everyone that has any of the following disorders:

  • Diseases, such as: arthritis, fast heart beat, epilepsy, excess fatness, bronchitis asthma, meningitis, urine diseases, vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, piles, diabetes, constipation, all eye diseases, womb, cancer and menstrual disorder, ear nose and throat diseases. You will help your organism by drinking water every morning before you eat.
  • Headaches – it prevents them because they usually appear when the body is dehydrated.
  • Acne – water hydrates your skin and reduces acne’s.
  • Bad breath – it appears when your mouth is dry. Water is swell-free but it helps, you get rid of food and bacteria that create bad breath in your mouth. Slime pouring takes a big part.
  • Cold – hot water drinks: tea, soup, lemon and honey hot drink; also having a shower with hot water helps a lot in overcoming cold.
  • Hives – cold water towel on the inflamed plank help in this case, while rashes disappear. Drinking herb tea is recommended.
  • Yeast infection – drinking water is a natural medicine which is not given its deserved place. By drinking at least 8 glasses per day and often urination your body will be able to get rid of stored carbohydrates. Yeast infection appears due to lack of water, which is highly important for our body.

How Much Water Should You Drink?

Bearing in mind that our body consists of 70% water and primarily it loses liquids through urine and sweat, the loss should be replaced constantly.

Drinking water at least 2 l per day is highly recommended.

But, according the many research, we should drink water even when you are not thirsty, in order not to be on the edge of dehydration.

However, it varies from person to person due to our personal need for water. It is enough to know that water has an immense importance for body and brain function. So, we should drink A LOT OF WATER!

Why Is Drinking Water Important?

The main and basic benefit of drinking water is body hydration. It has positive effects on: energy storage; reducing the feeling of exhaustion; regulates body-weight; beautifies and protects skin; increases the immune system rate; it is a natural cure for headache, cramps, migraine and back pain; it improves your good mood.

It is not even disputable that water has absolutely, fundamental meaning for human body existence. A man can live a month without food, but only week without water, he would die. Here are only some reasons why you should substitute you everyday drinking coffee and similar drinks with 2 l of water per day:

  • You will say “goodbye” to headaches forever;
  • You will shine with good mood;
  • You will not face undesirable attacks in your gastrointestinal tract;
  • You will cut excessive calories;
  • You will be fill with energy.

Dehydration will also result in muscle weakness, dizziness and other things that may ruin your day. All this prevents the entry of water in your body.

Do you feel thirsty as much as you should drink water during the day? After this story, we assure you that drinking water will be part of your daily routine.

How Drinking Water Can Change Your Life?

Sarah Smith, 42 years old, was top issue on Internet sites. She is a proof of the fact that drinking water can transform you in just 4 week time. Her daughters were telling her that she was a 100-year old woman, so she decided to try with the process of 4-week consuming water. Every week there was a drastic change and the result was the following:

Drinking Water - Sara Smith - Before and After

  • The First week she was desperate while doing all the efforts to drink 3 l water per day. Besides, she had not visible results except change of her urine color, from dark yellow into transparent. Her husband was telling her that, she was being cheated by such an advice.
  • The Second week she had a change in her skin complexion. The color was equal. The spots that she had on her skin were slowly disappearing, but still, she had wrinkles around her eyes.
  • The Third week, the dark rings around her eyes and the wrinkles disappeared and her skin was becoming stretched and younger. Drinking water provides faster regeneration of skin and in the morning she didn’t feel the need to rub her eyes. They were not dry as usually.
  • The Fourth week brought immense effect: weight loss for 2 lb and 1 inch waist. Her skin become stretched and fresh as if she was a child. Now, her husband says that she looks 10 years younger.

Where Is The Best Drinking Water In The World?

One of the most important factors for clean environment is the access of clean water for drinking. The quality of water is different around the world. According to the index of proudly quality of water, these 10 countries stick out:

10. New Zealand – Water in this country is considered to be one of the cleanest and safest for drinking in the whole world.

9. Germany – Water in this country is with high quality because they are strict when it comes to cleaning water in the water cleaning stations.

8. Sweden – In this country you can find the two best cleaning water stations that provide clean tap water. They use the latest technology for water treatment.

7. United Kingdom – Tap water in United Kingdom is according to highest standards and among the best in the world.

6. Italy – Tap and bottled water in this country is according to comparable standards. They make analysis for quality of water regularly. In addition, analysis of water are made for hardness, pH levels, dry solids, fluoride, sodium, chlorides and nitrite which are main components of water with high quality.

5. Austria – According to Austrian law, the quality of water in this country is obligatory. Tap water comes directly from underground and spring water. Their water is with high standard of quality.

4. France – In this country, the private sector for maintaining and supplying with water takes place. The level of bacteria in the drinking water are very low and therefore is safe for consummation.

3. Luxembourg – This country has a number of water resources. But, only a few of them are used for drinking. The water undergoes high filtration, through high filtration systems and that is why it is highly repaired and safe for drinking.

2. Norway – This country provides clean, tasty and safe drinking water of high quality through different systems. It has special program for protection of underground water.

1. Switzerland – This is the leading country when it comes to water of high quality because it has a special department for water resources with various measures for keeping its safety. Cleaned water has the same taste as packed or mineral water, except that this high quality of water is cheaper than bottles with mineral water.

Top Drinking Water Tips

  • You want to freshen-up? Add some fresh mint leaves and you will get an extraordinary delicious and fresh glass of water;
  • A special taste of water will be the result if you squeeze some lemon or lime;
  • Cold water is always consumed sip by sip with a pause;
  • If you feel hungry and you have already eaten, you have dehydrated. You need water;
  • Dilute your apple juice, grape juice or orange juice with water. They are however too sweet. Also, you will get a reduced – calories juice;
  • Did you know that you can replace drinking water with fruit full of water such as watermelon?!? Yes, you can. Watermelon is consisted of 92% of water;
  • Drink a glass of water after every urinating;
  • Take a bottle of water while you are on a walk;
  • Freeze slices of peeled lemons, limes and oranges and use them instead of ice;
  • Keep your drinking water cold. You will burn few calories while adapting its temperature to your body temperature. However, it is tasteful when it is cold;
  • If you are dehydrated, water kept in a room – like temperature is better option because it is more quickly absorbed;
  • The more you drink water, the less hungry you are. Also, you look younger and fresher;
  • The more water you consume, the more you will have to replace electrolytes in your body. If you add just a few grains of sea salt in your drinking water, you will substitute the loss of electrolytes.

The list of drinking water benefits can be even longer.

Conclusion: This liquid can bring you a lot of benefits and it is essential for healthy way of body function. Listen to your body about its needs.

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