What is Health?

There are many definitions related to this issue. According to doctors, the simplest definition for health, expressed in the simplest words, is the following: Health is the state of human body when it is mentally and physically stable, free from illness, pain and/or injury or any kind of physical and/or mental disorder.

If we stay close to this statement, we can freely say that a healthy man is one who is not under any kind of impact nor sick in every sense of the word. When we say “sick” we can easy relate this word to the word “illness”’ or “disease”.

Heart Disease

Now, when talking about the relation between health and diseases, it is evident that preventing or early detecting diseases is one of the ways to keep yourself healthy. One should not ignore the first symptoms and should detect the disease as soon as possible and start a therapy, again, as soon as possible. However, the best thing you could do is to apply everything you can and know, to prevent a certain disease.

How Can You Prevent Any Disorder in Your Body or Mind?

Nowadays, there are number of ways for achieving the above mentioned: One of them is The Internet and the number of sites created for this purpose (such as this one). However, health is one of the basic elements in people’s life, because one should first be mentally and physically healthy in order to do the everyday tasks and achieve his long- term or life goals.

Health Wheel

Let us give you a very simple example of how health is very important for successful fulfillment of a simple daily routine. Assume that you wake up at 7:30 am every day, but today, you have a terrible headache. Still, you have to get up. You turn right, turn left in the bed, but the alarm clock is ringing. Oh, the headache is even more intense as you hear the melody of the clock.

You get up finally, and brush your teeth reluctantly. You get dressed, but you put on the first you see. The headache is still there, but you get in the car and you drive to work. Because you have a headache, you have been a kind of slower, unlike other days, and you are a somewhat late. Because you are late, there is a traffic jam and you drive 30 minutes more than usual. The headache is not fading out, but intensities itself because you have been driving longer than usually.

Eating Fast

Finally, you arrive on your work place and you are supposed to do your job in the perfect way. But, because your headache, you often forgot things and events during the day and your boss is being yelling at you. That frustrates you, in a way, and intensifies the headache even more. Then you go home and you are supposed to make a lunch and…”OH, MY GOD”, you say to yourself…

Let God be with you when your husband and children come home… Anyway, we have illustrated how much problems a simple headache could cause you. Moreover, what about more serious diseases? Any little disorder in your metabolism may be a big problem in your life ahead…

Health Is Something We Should “Work On”

It is a continuous process of everyday preventing illnesses, diseases and disorders of any kind. When you notice that something is wrong – REACT immediately. Follow your doctor’s advice, visit sites that offer millions of ways of keeping you healthy, pay attention to your daily diet. A Japanese proverb says: “You are what you eat, you do what you want, but do something for your health first – it is the first step to your happiness

So, people should take care of themselves and consider health as one of the fundamental issues in their lives. Only in healthy body, mind and heart are perfectly balanced.