How to Lose Weight and Not Fall in Love With Yourself?




Do you face difficulty when you want to lose weight? You often wonder how to lose weight and get rid of sufficient pounds. For some it is a piece of cake; to others, it is hard to do.

Still, it is proven that losing weight is something that anyone can do, if he makes a little change in the daily routine or, if he turns the “reset” button on. Health and Love Page’s team has prepared a wide-range guide that will lead you to safe, Well Stated.

How to Lose Weight?

Believe that this is the only fast way to do this. Don’t be deceived by the everyday commercials that guarantee that you can lose weight with the twinkle of the eye, without any side effects. Believe only in yourself and stay to the following list that is a confidential guide to your goal:

  1. Avoid eating high-calorie foods;
  2. Eat often;
  3. Eat Real Food;
  4. Wisely follow your weight loss progress;
  5. Be patient;
  6. Woman – Avoid eating Fruit;
  7. Men – Avoid drinking Beer;
  8. Avoid the intake of Artificial Sweeteners;
  9. Be careful with the intake of pills;
  10. Less Stress – Sleep more;
  11. Bring the intake of dairy products to the minimum;
  12. Add vitamins and minerals to your daily diet;
  13. Do exercises;
  14. Reach the optimal point of ketosis;
  15. It is “a must” that you check the hormonal level.

1. Eat Low-Calorie Foods

Many types of research have shown that weight loss is often due to the intake of low-amount-of-calories food. How to lose weight? Avoid eating products that contain starch and sugar and by lowering the amount of carbohydrate intake.

The basis of every diet is a simple mathematical formula: You should burn more calories than the calories you take. However, often, instead of eating when they should, people prefer starving. And with such motivation, normal people give up fast and the yo-yo effect comes to light.

Lose Weight - Low Calorie Fruits and VegetablesThe advantage of eating low-calorie foods is that you can eat as much as you like and not be hungry. Starch and sugar increase hunger. Therefore, by avoiding these two – you lower the appetite on a certain level. If your body needs more calories, you can feel free to take them and not be obliged to count them. Count calories if you wish to – but it is not necessary.

Many types of research have shown that people who eat low-calorie foods, burn double the number of calories than the rest. Finally, food with fewer calories kills the appetite and burns fat. By the way, your health is in perfect condition.

2. Eat Often

Never reach the point of starving! The most common mistake, when one wants to lose weight, is this in particular. With the intake of food with fewer calories, you don’t need to cut the calories intake. On the contrary, eat as much as you wish, but only when you are hungry. This is so because every metabolism needs carbohydrates and fats that provide the body with energy.

With the restriction of one source of energy, you are free to use the other one. However, the best option is to have a meal every three hours. This will keep up the insulin at an optimal level, which will furthermore provide maximal body energy and burn calories. Remember: Eat often but less.

Low-calorie foods with a lot of fat, cause immense hunger. So you are hungry, tired, and exhausted and the wish to lose weight is disappearing. The solution is consuming non-saturated fat and the effect will be the following: You are not hungry and you are content. The following products come into consideration: peanut butter, olive oil, meat, fish, eggs, and others.

Eat enough in order, not to be hungry, especially in the first days of the attempt to lose weight. The level of the contained fat will reduce if you eat low-calorie foods because the fat that you will take will be the source of energy for your body. In addition, you will turn into a “burning-fat machine” through the process of burning fat without starving.

Lose Weight - It's Time To EatDo saturated fat scare you?

Don’t be afraid….According to the latest research, the intake of saturated fat such as olive oil, fish, avocado, etc. is in fact, a Mediterranean Diet. Such a way of food intake conveys exquisite results in your attempt to lose weight.

Remember: Eat as much as you need, not as much as you wish. Learn about your sense of satiation.

The time of the meal intake can be ordered according to your will. Some are satiated with three meals per day; others need a snack; there are such that eat two times per day. All of this is a personal choice.

Drink 2-3 l of water per day.

Drinking water is also an essential part of your health and is especially crucial if you lose weight.

3. Eat Real Food

Eating false – low-calorie foods, because of creative food marketing, is another mistake in your attempt to lose weight. It is a lie, that you can eat sweets, ice cream, pasta, bread, and chocolate along with these products. Such products, to be honest, do not exist, because they are full of carbohydrates. It is all about marketing. Real food is the one that is used for years and years, such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetable, nuts, olive oil, etc.

Many companies produce this type of food. Be careful! These “low-calorie versions” are full of starch, sugar, alcohol, sweeteners, flour, and other additives. Avoid products that contain “net carbs”.

Lose Weight - Real FoodIf you want to lose weight, focus on high-quality food that is “not transformed”.

4. Wisely Follow Your Weight Loss Progress

Following your weight loss progress is a rather complicated process. If you are focused only on your current weight and if you stand on the weighing machine, can upset you additionally and ruin your motivation to lose weight.

Bare in mind that the weighing machine does not weigh only fat, but also muscles, bones, inner organs, and the whole of your body. The best option is a combination of a weighing machine and a mirror. Got it?

However, gaining muscles is a well-done job!

To lose weight, burn fat, and gain muscles is a good step forward. That is why it is very important when you stand on the weighing machine to weigh your waist. Only then, will you have a real result and notable success?

Compare your result with these recommendations:

Lose Weight - ComparationWe would recommend the “excellent” column, which is not a problem for young people. The “decent” column is great for middle-aged people. The metabolism depends on age, right?

Balance your changes and improvement: The starting point is measuring the beginning of the lose weight process. Measure your weight and the perimeter of your hands, legs, waist, hips, and butt … When they lose weight process starts to turn into a routine per week. This is the best way to follow the effects. Also, it is highly recommended that you check your blood, particularly: glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. in order to compare future results. This can be an excellent motivation for the lose weight process itself and for taking care of your health. It won’t be harmful, right?

5. Be Patient

To gain weight, you need a lot of time, but to lose weight, you need even more. Many people starve to lose weight. Success can be guaranteed but not in long term. The “yo-yo” effect takes place instead. Therefore, when it comes to the lose weight process, one should work on oneself slowly and effectively.

What you should strive for?

The normal loss of pounds is from 4 to 10 in the first week of the lose weight diet. Then, 1 pound lost per week is the next step. By losing pounds, you will also lose centimeters around your waist. If you combine low-calorie foods with a workout, the effect will be faster.

  • Zero stadium. Are you starving while counting calories? Do not! Focus only on decreasing your waist size and on your health. The result is yet to come in a few weeks’ time and the lose weight effect will be more than devious.
  • Lose weight. The loss of pounds is a bit harder. Stay calm! However, it is personal and dependent on metabolism. Just, keep doing what you have done already!

Lose Weight - PatienceHow to keep your new weight number?

When you reach your ideal weight in the lose weight process, it is highly recommended that you do the sacrifice in the long term. You MUST change your nutrition habits and stick to the new diet regime. Every long-term change is welcomed, otherwise, every effect that you do would be just a simple waste of time. Long-term changes are hard to do only at the beginning and until they become your daily routine. Then, everything will happen naturally.

6. Woman – Avoid Eating Fruit!

Fruit is not a suitable option in the lose weight process. Besides the fact, that fruit is magical for our health and has a high rate of nutritive value, this information may sound contradictory. Every fruit has 10% sugar. The rest is water.

Five portions of fruit per day have the same number of liquid as 500 ml of buzz drink. This is on contrary to the fact that fruit sugar consists of 50% of fructose and another 50% of glucose. Also, fructose impedes fat burning and increases your wish for food. In order to have better results, avoid eating fruit or cut your fruit intake. Eat fruit, especially in the morning.

Lose Weight - No Fruit After 2 pmThis is a rule for both men & women, but it is a GOLDEN RULE FOR WOMAN!

7. Men – Avoid Drinking Beer!

This is again a rule for both men and women, but this time, it is a GOLDEN RULE FOR MEN! This is so because men prefer beer more than women. Beer is a healthy drink but has soluble carbohydrates that slow down the burn fat process. In other words, beer is a “liquid bread”. That is why the term “a beer belly” has appeared. Take a glass of red or white wine instead, according to your taste.

Lose Weight - Beer Stomach8. Avoid Taking Artificial Sweeteners

Many would change plain sugar with sweetener to take fewer calories. However, much research has shown that it is WRONG! Sweeteners increase the appetite and the desire for eating sweets. This state occurs because of the excretion of insulin in the expectation of more sugar in the blood. Here, we can list the so-called “buzz drinks” that can make you a passive addict to them. Be careful!

However, if you want the lose weight process to be successful, exclude completely all types of sugar and sweeteners. Still, enjoy eating real food with pure taste.

Lose Weight - No Artificial Sweeteners9. Be Careful With The Pills You Take

Many pills can cause a disorder in the lose weight process. For instance:

  • Insulin shots (When using insulin shots the intake of carbohydrates should be reduced);
  • Anti-psychotic medicament;
  • Anti-baby pills;
  • Beta-blockers – for high blood pressure;
  • Anti-allergy pills;
  • Antibiotics etc.

If any change occurs, it is “A MUST” to see a doctor.

10. Less Stress – Sleep More

This is a well-known phrase, but hot everybody sticks to it. Who doesn’t want to sleep enough time and cut stress? In the lose weight process the former is essential. Chronicle stress increases the level of stress hormones, which furthermore increases appetite. That is why many start glutting when under stress. If you want to balance your body weight, you should handle stress.

Lose Weight - Do Not DisturbAnother essential part is – sleeping well. If you are not tired but fresh and relaxed, you will cut the level of the stress hormone automatically. On the other hand, if you deprive yourself of good sleep, you will turn to an unbalanced diet due to a disbalance of the glucose level in your body. This will “kill” your endurance in the lose weight process.

If you have this type of problem, do the following:

  • Go to bed every night, more or less, at the same time. Keep a rhythm that your body would recognize. Lay down in a dark room with a suitable temperature. The effect will give results;
  • Don’t drink coffee after 2 p.m. because it takes a couple of hours, for your body to take it out;
  • Do not drink alcohol three hours before going to bed. It may relax you, the first time, but it can be the “killer” of your night’s sleep;
  • Increase physical activity especially 4 hours before going to bed;
  • Accumulate sunlight at least 15 min. per day.

Lose Weight 5 Simple Steps

11. Reduce The Dairy Products Intake

Have you ever wondered why you (who have always taken care of your intake) have no results in the lose weight process? And, others who haven’t taken care of themselves have immense results in the loss of pounds?

There is an answer to that. Low-calorie foods should be also taken, only if you are hungry. If this does not help much, reduce the dairy product intake in your daily diet.

Dairy products contain lactose that slows down the lose weight process. A part of milk proteins gives information to the body about the insulin and therefore, the dis-balance occurs. By reducing your dairy product intake, you cut your pounds.

The same goes for reduced-fat dairy products, such as yogurt or low-fat milk. However, in this list belongs protein powder, which is nothing but pure powder milk.

On the other hand, you can use peanut butter (which contains 10-15% carbohydrates) and nuts (which contain 20% carbohydrates) enough to cover the need of the body for energy.

12. Add Vitamins And Minerals In Your Daily Diet

What happens when we eat a little amount of food or when we eat food with a low level of nutritive valves? We feel a desire for food which is not good for the lose weight process. That is why the body needs Vitamins and Minerals for good metabolic functions.

  • Vitamin D – is the leading vitamin in the lose weight process. This vitamin stimulates and fastens the metabolic rate, which is effective in burning fat. It is very difficult to take it with food and exposure to the sun is often limited. Therefore, the use of this vitamin can have many benefits for your body.
  • Multivitamins – these give your body basic metabolic substances that stimulate your body to lose more of the stored calories, although not active. With the intake of low-calorie foods, we cannot take enough nutritive elements. Therefore, multivitamins can help you in this, and stimulate your wish for food.

Lose Weight - Vitamins & Minerals

13. Do a Workout

The effect of doing a workout in the lose weight process is overestimated. If you just do a workout you will not lose weight. Go for a walk or run. Not even by avoiding “bad” food and drinks with sweeteners, such as the so-called “sports drink”, can’t you lose weight.

You cannot compensate for doing a workout with anything else. If you want to burn calories and lose weight, you must activate your body. You should do a weight workout for at least one hour and a cardio workout after that. A body full of energy will be the bonus of your effort.

Lose Weight - ExerciseDo not underestimate the abs workouts if you want to have the adjective “perfect” before your body. The abdomen, in fact, is the first part of your body that people notice.

Watch out! Use the mirror to control your weight only. Be careful not to fall in love with yourself!

Lose Weight - Abs WorkoutsDuring the workout, the body uses the amounts of stored glucose, which is, in fact, representative of carbohydrates. This can give you a green light to use a bit more carbohydrates after training, without being afraid that the body will store it.

Do not forget that the greatest benefit of exercise is your health. During exercise, the body stimulates the secretion of different hormones. Weight training increases levels of the hormone testosterone (primarily in men) and growth hormone. The result is increased muscle mass and decrease abdominal fat.

So, exercise makes you feel and look better.

14. Reach The Optimal Point of Ketosis

Starting from the already existing hormone insulin, which burns extra fat and releases energy and by including low-calorie foods in the diet you cut the level of fat. This tendency to take fewer calories than to burn, without starvation, and to lose weight in the meantime is a process of Optimal Ketosis. Low-calorie foods result in the hormonal influence that starts the optimal ketosis process.

The process of ketosis is in fact, the peak point of burning fat. Those are energetic molecules in the blood such as carbohydrates that turn themselves into “brain fuel”. This happens only after the moment of fat “is burned” in the liver. In order to start ketone production, insulin in the blood must be at an extremely low level. The more it is low, the more ketosis is productive due to low-calorie foods. Optimal ketosis is the result only of low-calorie foods.

Lose Weight - Optimal KetosisThe level of ketosis can be detected by a special device before breakfast. According to its scale, this level should be around 1,5 – 3 mmol/L. This is the optimal ketosis and it is highly recommended for getting rid of excessive pounds. So, to reach optimal ketosis one should avoid carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, potatoes, etc., and need to increase protein intake. This happens besides the fact that you should eat low-calorie foods.

If you eat a big amount of bread and eggs, those proteins will turn into glucose which will increase the level of insulin. That is why the intake of food with saturated fat is recommended – you will lower the intake of proteins and carbohydrates, and you will lower the level of insulin. The body will finally reach the optimal ketosis stage.

Awareness: This is for diabetics only because the level of insulin in their blood must be optimal. Otherwise, keto-acidosis will be the result, which is life dangerous.

15. Check Your Hormone Level

You feel like nobody is in your shoes. You have started the lose weight diet; You have changed your lifestyle; Low-calorie foods; You have taken care of the intake of Vitamins and Minerals; Pills; Workouts….You have even reached the optimal ketosis point and still – you have no visible result in the low-weight process!

Then, your problem is – the Hormonal Disorder:

  • Thyroid Gland Hormones;
  • Pole Hormones;
  • Stress Hormones.

Thyroid Gland Hormones. This is predominantly a women’s problem. The disorder in the thyroid gland can result in a disorder of the hormone – thyroxine. Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism can be a negative results.

Hypothyroidism is a state of reduced function of the thyroid gland that may lead to slowed-down metabolism. The symptoms are:

  • Fatigue;
  • Intolerance;
  • Increased body weight;
  • Dry skin;
  • Constipation;
  • Depression;
  • Weight gain.

Hyperthyroidism is an increased function of the thyroid gland that results in fastened metabolism. The symptoms are the following:

  • Anxiety (disturbance)
  • Bulging eyes;
  • Change of heart rhythm;
  • Elevated sweating;
  • Fever;
  • Weight loss.

TSH, T3, and T4 hormones should also be checked. A blood check is highly recommended. Only then, will you see the real picture of the thyroid gland and make the real diagnosis.

Iodine should be taken in the organism more often through sea salt intake, various types of fish, shells, and other seafood. In states like these, you will be given therapy, of course, with the consultation of your family doctor. Beta-blockers are usually given as other pills. The normal function of the thyroid gland has an essential influence on the lose weight process, but also on the complete healthcare of your body.

Pole Hormones. Women usually suffer from endocrine disorders, decreasing the female hormone – Estrogen. This can cause the occurrence of a polycystic ovary that increases the level of testosterone and insulin. All of this can be the reason for overweight disorder in the period, infertility, acne, stickiness, and physical fatigue.

Lose Weight - Women Hormone SymptomMen, on the contrary, suffer from decreasing in the level of the male hormone – Testosterone. This leads to weight loss and a decrease in muscle mass.

 Lose Weight - Men Hormone SymptomWhat with these disorders?

All of this can be easily solved by taking a suitable therapy – testosterone for men and estrogen for women. However, we must take into consideration that abnormal doses of these hormones, can be fatal to your health. These increase the possibility of prostate cancer for men and breast cancer for women.

Advice: Focus on a healthy way of life.

Stress Hormones. The stress hormone Cortisol is quite “stubborn” in the lose weight process. With this dysfunction, the appetite increases which leads to obesity. This is certainly against our expectations. Disorders in the night sleep and stress situations exposure are the main reason for increasing the level of cortisol. A tumor is not excluded in cases like these, but it is an extreme result. One should take pills and other medicaments, in such situations with the consultation of a specialist.

CONCLUSION: Every change “in” and “on” your body can be visible, but do not ignore it. Everything is curable if you detect in time. The lose weight process is a complex state of your body. This makes big and visible changes on oneself and his metabolism. Not a single step should be taken fast and without will. Your body should react slowly, systematically. If you stick to these rules, your body will be grateful and you will be healthy and above all – Satisfied – with the reflection in your mirror. 

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