These 15 Things Will Happen if You Do Not Drink Enough Water




The vast majority of people today don’t think much about dehydration, because they think that this is something that can happen only if you are stuck in the desert without water for a couple of days.

However, they don’t know that there are two types of dehydration – acute and chronic. The acute form is the one that happens in people who don’t have access to water for a longer period of time. On the other hand, chronic dehydration is very common these days and it has impact on every person who doesn’t drink sufficient amount of liquid.

What Happen if You do not Drink Enough Water

The following is a list of 15 symptoms that appear if you don’t drink enough water, and should motivate you to take more water each day. In addition to the symptom, we will also explain how insufficient water consumption affects the problem.

1. Digestive problems – In cases of chronic dehydration, the body secretes fewer digestive juices.

2. Constipation – Once the chewed food gets inside the colon, the colon’s wall is trying to reduce the liquid from the food in order to form proper stool. When chronic dehydration is present, the colon uses excess water.

3. Lack of energy and fatigue – Chronic dehydration of the tissues results in slowed enzymatic activity.

4. Stomach ulcers and gastritis – The stomach produces a thin layer of mucus in order to defend the mucous membranes from the destruction caused by the acidic digestive fluid.

5. Hypotension and hypertension – The blood volume of the body is not sufficient to fill the set of veins, arteries and capillaries completely.

6. Alkaline-acid imbalance – Chronic dehydration triggers an enzymatic slowdown which ultimately results in acidification.

7. Respiratory difficulties – The respiratory area is filled with mucous membranes which contain a certain level of moisture in order to keep the respiratory tract safe from all the harmful substances found in the air.

8. Eating Well – Every individual needs sufficient amount of moisture in order to sweat between 20 and 24 ounces of water. This is the amount needed for proper dilution of toxins, so they won’t cause problems to the skin.

9. Overweight and obesity – People tend to eat more than necessary because the system needs foods that come with large quantities of water. It is not unusual for the system to confuse thirst with hunger.

15 Things Will Happen if You Do Not Drink Enough Water

10. Urinary infections and cystitis – In case the toxins found in urine are not properly diluted, they will start destroying the mucous membranes in the urinary tract.

11. Cholesterol – Dehydration leads to removal of liquid from the cells. In order to prevent serious problems, the body starts producing more cholesterol.

12. Premature aging – Although newborn child’s body is made of 80% liquid, this amount drops with aging (70% in adults and even less in the elderly).

13. Rheumatism – Chronic dehydration rapidly increases the amount of toxins in the cellular fluids in blood and the pain caused by rheumatism intensifies.

14. Bladder and kidney problems – Whenever your body is dehydrated, the buildup of toxins increases which means the bacteria get fertile ground to multiply. This is why the bladder and kidneys are more prone to pain, infection and inflammations.

15. Allergies and asthma – Chronic dehydration leads to tightened airways which is the body’s way to preserve water in the system.

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