Combination of Lemon Water and… The World’s Healthiest Elixir




Actually the world’s healthier elixir is combination of lemon water, pitcher, knife and tongs. Funny? Please read all that facts before you laugh 🙂

Lemon water is my most favorite drink with which I start my day. Drinking lemon water has become my everyday habit which I gained while looking for different ways for improving my health. I can confirm that it is one of the most positive changes in my life and I hope in yours too, after I retell you about all benefits that lemon and lemon water convey.
It's Time For Lemon Water

What Does Lemon Water Do?

  • Diet – Drinking Lemon Water decreases appetite. Lemon contains pectin and soluble fibers. Pectin helps you avoid hunger while fibers creak a sense of satiation which results in killing the wish for food.
  • Cleanse – It cleans urinary tract and changes its pH value. Lemon water is diuretic and starts up urine production. In that way you clean your body and keep it healthy. One of the most famous ways of cleansing the body toxins is the Lemon Detox Diet.
  • Detox – Lemon water detoxifies the liver. It cleans and also stimulate production of acid in the stomach for food digestion. The biggest role in body detoxification has Cucumber Lemon Water or Sassy Water. The benefits of this water are numerous. Lemon has the detox role while cucumber contains anti-inflammatory properties and it makes excellent re-hydration.
  • Acne – Lemon Water is good for anti-aging effects on your skin and its pureness. It contains antioxidant properties because it is rich with Vitamin C. That means that is makes synthesis of amino acids into collagen and in that way it protects our skin tissue from acne and blackheads.
  • Digestion, heart and respiratory problems – It supports our immune system and protects you from flu and cold. It improves digestion, by speeding up metabolism. It makes your heart work easier and improves capillary permeability and overall blood flow. It protects your brain, your nerve system and controls blood pressure. Digestive qualities of lemon add to the elimination of respiratory problems and of threat infections and asthma.

What Are The Benefits Of Lemon Water?

Drinking Lemon Water is the healthy way inner cleaning of your organism and a healthy habit for the start of every day. Fresh lemon in the glass of water gives another benefits except freshening up, such as:

  1. Fresh lemon water helps in reducing digestive problems, such as: bloating, intestinal gas and heartburn. It stimulates digestion in while.
  2. Lemon is antiseptic and anti-scorbutic which means – a cure against infections and cleaning of impurities and pathogenic bacteria. It cleans liver, kidneys and blood.
  3. The best source of vitamin needed: Vitamin C – important for overall cleansing detoxifying; potassium, calcium and magnesium.
  4. It makes alkalizing of body by citric acid.
  5. It helps in prevention of constipation and diarrhea.
  6. It has antibiotic and antioxidant effects. Cures wounds and stops bleeding out in cases of injury.
  7. It contains lemon acid glycosides – a flavonoid compound which contain anti-carcinogenic properties.
  8. It contains antibacterial properties while under therapy; while you feel pain or when you have sore throat.
  9. It eliminates bad breath in mouth and unpleasant smell on the body.
  10. Citric acid burns stored fat in your body.
  11. Rich with potassium which improves brain function and the function of the nerve cells.
  12. It helps you clean your organism from caffeine and to reduce stress.
  13. It is good for your eyesight.
  14. Improves the shine of your hair.
  15. You will be stronger and healthiest
  16. Helps in removing your wrinkles.

Benefits of Lemon Water

When You Should Drink Lemon Water?

  • Every day – Because it is the only way to make an everyday detox process and to maintain your body in a constant alkaline phase.
  • When sick – Your body has been attacked by a virus. Your organism needs a Vitamin C. Your recovery will be faster if you take lemon with honey.
  • When pregnant – Lemon Water helps you to improve your digestion and to prevent cold and flu. The eventual constipation will also be stopped.
  • When breastfeeding – While pregnant, woman eat more than usually. That means that you need more calories to maintain milk. By lemon water intake, you make a detox process of your body. Also, you protect your baby by breastfeeding.
  • When working out – While exercising and running, your body spends more fluid than usually. Therefore, you need more water. Of course lemon water is more delicious and refreshing.
  • When trying to conceive – Because it has the hydration effect of your brain function; it revitalizes cells and signalizes faster re-sending of messages.
  • In the morning – Replace your morning coffee with lemon water and your nerves, will be grateful.
  • At night, before bed – Lemon water will make a balance in your hormones, muscles joints and energy levels. While sleeping, water reaches every part of your body. Your balanced body will have a sense of youngness.
  • Before meal – Drink lemon water at least 30 minutes before every meal. It will give you more energy to absorb nutritive elements from food faster. By the way, you will eat less.
  • To lose weight – The more you drink lemon water the more you fasten the process of detoxification of your body and losing weight is inevitable . It speeds up food digestion and cleans your stomach and tracts. In that way it enables your body to do its function without obstacles and in continuation. When I’m already here, I must remind you that the way to further nutrition is very important. Pay attention to the Mediterranean diet.

Why Is Lemon Water Good For You?

Absolutely YES!!! However, people in general have dilemmas when it comes to their health. There are always questioning about it and have contradictory answers, such as:

  • Why Is Lemon Water Good For You? As we already stated before, there are a lot of reasons why you should drink lemon water. Nutritive value, high concentration of Vitamin C, detoxification of your organism and improving of your immune system are its major benefits.
  • Why Is Lemon Water Bad For You? Lemon water is good for you in limited amounts. Lemon is very sour and sometimes it can be bad for your sensitive stomach. Moreover, it is rich with acid and it can erode the enamel of your teeth. It is not recoverable and it can cause permanent damage. Also, you can change your system’s acid – alkaline balance which is again a negative side of lemon water. Lemon becomes very “sharp” when it is used in enormous amounts.
  • Who Should Not Drink Lemon Water? People with to sensitive stomach. Also, lemon water should not drink people allergic to lemon or lemon acid and people with sensitive teeth.

How to Make Lemon Water?

Squeeze a lemon in a glass of cool water or water kept in a room temperature. Cold water is a shock for your organism and stops digestion and its stimulation automatically. Moreover, cold water can cause stomach ache. An excellent combination is the one of lemon and lime. Add a spoon of freshly grated ginger. If you wish, you can add a few mint leaves. Another way of preparation: Chop a lemon on pieces in the glass of water and put it in the fridge.

In the next recipe, I will teach you How to Make Honey Lemon Water? – The same recipe from above. The only difference is that this time you add a coffee spoon of delicious honey. It will improve the sour’s taste of water and you will get a sweet version of lemon water.

After you have prepared Lemon water, I bet you wonder How to Drink Lemon Water? – Every morning, on empty stomach, take lemon water instead of coffee. It will give you a morning freshness, body revitalization and a lot of energy. Let it be your daily routine.

How To Make Lemon Water

Conclusion: The way you start your day is the most important daily step. No matter who you are or what you do, it is very important to take care of yourselves. Now, you know that lemon water is good for your health. Make drinking lemon water the starter of your day. The cleaning process in your organism and the health effects will have a long-term positive results to your metabolism.


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