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When the tomb of Tutankhamun, Pharaohs Egyptian son, was opened, archaeologists revealed enormous hidden treasure, and among the rest, scientist found papyrus with an old recipe against wrinkles, sagging skin, i.e. something that prevents the process of growing old – cocoa oil, wring herbs balsam mixed with living organism fat.

Pharaoh’s recipe against oldness was not different at all from many other which have been recommended throughout centuries, including every possible preparations of bear fat to pitch and turpentine.

How does wrinkles appear?

Wrinkles appear as a result of changes, a collagen, a protein which represents the fiber part of human’s skin. Collagen makes us young. It takes 1/3 from the whole percentage of proteins in our organism and 70% of conjunctive tissue. Young skin and conjunctive tissue contain mainly elastic and dilute collagen that due to these properties, can absorb moisture and swell up.

This continuing process of moisturizing can add to the young elastic skin look smooth and soft. But due to sun exposure, smoking and temporal growing old of skin, an oxidation damaging of sun can appear. This damage equals grapes that start drying.

In the organism, this chemical process conveys appearing of inductive collagen, which is not elastic, it can’t absorb water and it doesn’t swell. By losing elasticity and moisture, wrinkles appear especially on these parts of the body that have been exposed on sun: face, neck and arms.

Many commercial hydrating substances cell by advertising that they revitalize dilute collagen and make skin younger, so that they provide the cell a possibility to absorb more liquids and remove wrinkles. To be honest, I’m not so convinced in the positive effects of these preparations, but before you spend a fortune on these things, I suggest that you should try some natural methods.

How To Remove Wrinkles Naturaly

12 Healthy Plants for Smooth – Like a Baby – skin

Many plants that have antioxidant properties and smoothing effect are used for wrinkles removal. Antioxidants are substances that remove free radicals, highly reactive oxygen molecules that damage body cells.

Smoothing substances moisturize skin and make it more elastic.

Horse Chestnut (wild chestnut) – (Aesculus Hippocastanum) and Witch-Hazel (mountain elm) – (Hamamelis Virginiana). Testing 65 herb extracts, Japanese scientists discovered seven – which have shown antioxidant properties in order to prevent skin to grow old.

Rosemary and Salvia are two more that keep the pack of yoking prevention with Horse Chestnut and Witch Hazel. Many skin creams that consist of these four herbs are among the most expensive.

Carrot. It is rich with vitamin A, and if it lacks in your organism, your skin dries. Carrot contains the antioxidant beta-carotene. I recommend you to snack one or two carrots per day, not only for preventing skin ageing but for cancer prevention, also. You can also think about carrot oil for external usage. Simply, put one carrot in a mixer and the liquid put on your face as a skin mask.

Cocoa. It is main softening substance used in making lotions for skin cosmetics. Cocoa butter is a favorite tool against wrinkles by Dr. Albert Leung, expert for pharmacognosy, who I gladly recommend.

Coconut Oil is another similar tropical substance for smooth skin.

Almond oil has been mentioned, even in the Bible to be efficient and helpful.

Aloe. It is thought that Cleopatra put aloe gel every day on her face. Josephine, Napoleon’s wife, added aloe in her milk and prepared a face – skin lotion. She also consumed aloe.

Pineapple. I read in a state of a doctor in Ohio (Pardon me, I forgot his name). There, he claims that pineapple, its skin and seeds remove callus. I wouldn’t have doubt about squeezing it in a blender and put the blender – result on my face, so that I start up dead cells removal on the skin surface.

Castor oil have been used even in ancient times until now. It is often used in make-up preparation. It is a substance with evident results and great benefits.

Grape Wine contain substances that help you peel dead cells from skin. This is another substance in cosmetics and in many lotions for wrinkles removal. But, instead of cosmetic preparations why wouldn’t you use natural sources? You can refine grape wine in a blender and make yourself a skin mask. Wash your face 15-30 minutes after.

By the way, drink water as much as you can or lemon water for better taste. Watch your diet and see results after 3 weeks. You will  not only reduce your wrinkles you will lose weight also.

Skin Care – Wrinkles – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

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