U.S. Memorial Day Weekend Must Not Be Forgotten




Memorial Day is an American federal feast which is celebrated on the last Monday in May. It is a traditional day in honor to the dead citizens that were on service on USA.

Public life

On Memorial Day every governmental organization, school, fabric and other institutional corporation – is closed. People in USA use this day to go on a short trip or to visit their older members of their family. This mass commuting conveys a chaotic situation on the roads and airports in the States, doesn’t it?!?

Memorial Day Background

Memorial Day started celebrating in honor of the Union soldiers who died during the American civil war. This tradition began inspirited by the South States to show respect to their dearest. After World War I, it has been spread in the rest of the countries in USA.

This Day was called the Decoration Day and was celebrated on May 30th, no matter the day of the week it was. Only after years, this day was re-named in the Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Heroes

In 1971, Memorial Day was announced to be celebrated on the last Monday in May. According to statistics, the first celebration of this feast happened in Warrenton, Virginia, on June 3rd, 1861.

Woman of the dead soldiers of the Union in Savannah, Georgia, did the same in 1862. However, according to authentic documentation and according to historians, woman of dead soldiers in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania, officially started ornamenting the tombs of their husbands on July 4th, 1864. Therefore, Boalsburg is considered to be the cradle of the feast.

How do people celebrated?!

On this day the US flag is at half – mast, from the morning till noon. Than people visited cemetery in honor to those who died while on service. They lay flowers. Religious services are held, but also, the so-called “diner on the ground”- potluck meal. Also Memorial Day is celebrated on the same day with Jefferson Day’s in Mississippi. This is a day of remembering. People go to sightseeing; Sports events are held; Family reunions happen during weekend. White clothes are worn on this day. By tradition, this day is thought to be the start of summer season. Many cultural social events are held afterwards.

Memorial Day Picnic

Memorial Day is a long patriotic tradition in honor of dead soldiers, which is respect deserving.

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