6 Unusual Heart Disease Signs – What Should You Do?




Stress, diabetes, or high blood pressure occurrence are warning signs that you are subject to the risk of heart disease. Among other, there are other signs that most of you do not notice, such as hair loss or problems with your libido.

Hella Health, Vice Chief of Cardiology and Medical Director of the Heart Failure/Cardiac Transplantation Program and Professor of Medicine and Assistant Dean for Minority Faculty at Temple University School of Medicine, says that if you recognize these signs you can make changes in your life and prevent the heart disease occurrence and even heart attack.

Heart Disease Signs

There are six unusual signs indicating the possible occurrence of heart disease. It is important to know what you should do if you notice any of them.

1. Erectile dysfunction.

When erectile dysfunction appears, the last thought in your mind is the health of your heart. According to Dr. Alvarez, although this dysfunction is different in men and women, the problem that links them is always the same – impaired function of blood vessels.

Do this: You can avoid erectile dysfunction and heart disease with a change in your lifestyle and good medical therapy. Take an aspirin and exercise regularly. Be sure to consult your doctor.

2. Male pattern baldness.

Hair loss is not just a phenomenon that changes the outward appearance, but also a sign that something is happening in your body. There is a correlation between the top of the head and heart disease occurrence. According to Dr. Alvarez, the lack of circulation to the hair follicles may be related to heart disease. Still, it does not exclude the hereditary male baldness possibility, a genetic predisposition for heart disease occurrence, high blood pressure, and others.

Do this: Check your family’s medical history and test the risk of heart disease. Respond appropriately to prevent high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, quit smoking, etc…

Heart Disease Infographic

3. Snoring and sleep apnea.

Research at Emory University in Atlanta proves that blocked airways in people with sleep apnea or snoring increase the risk of heart disease. Disturbed sleep predisposes to diabetes or high blood pressure occurrence.

Do this: Consult a specialist. Disruptive breathing is a phenomenon that has been going on for years and can be treated if you respond in its initial stage.

4. Migraines.

The headaches (more than twice a month) are strong signs of heart disease. According to Dr. Alvarez, improper circulation can cause severe headaches that cause heart disease and heart problems.

Do this: Consult your physician and stimulate circulation through all the parts of your body.

5. Eating and drinking plastic.

According to the research done at the University of Cincinnati, the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) found in hard plastic bottles or plastics for food, can produce a molecule that imitates the estrogen hormone effects and thereby increases the risk of heart disease in women. Dr. Alvarez says that this chemical creates too much estrogen or blocks its beneficial effects.

Do this: Replace plastic bottles and containers with glass, ceramics, and others. If you cannot discard all plastic containers, be sure never to heat them, since this will cause other chemicals from the plastic to be filtered into their content.

6. Broken Heart Syndrome.

Very often, women suffering from broken heart syndrome are more exposed to the risk of heart disease. There are great differences in hormones between men and women. In terms of receptors for certain hormones and circulation they have, there are differences between women’s and men’s hearts.

Do this: Stress results in high blood pressure, heart disease, and depression. Take a deep breath in every experienced stress. If you are unable to deal with it, be sure to consult an expert. All of us experience stress, but the response is different in all. There are different methods for dealing with your perception of stress. Try regular exercise, yoga, or marital counseling with your partner. Do something that will relax you.

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