Why You Should Worry About the Markings on the Bottom of a Bottled Water?





Only a few people know that when buying bottled water it is necessary to check the bottom of the plastic bottle in order to protect your health. Wondering why the bottom of the bottle?

Marks at the bottom of plastic bottles (HDP, HDPE, and PP), mean that they do not release toxic substances into the water. Other marks letters or initials are signs of harmful plastic bottles. These bottles release chemicals into the water. Each manufacturer or brand must indicate the contents of the bottle. With a little help, you can easily identify toxic bottles and make the right choice.

Markings on the Bottom of Bottled WaterBottled Water - Small

  • HDP or HDPE. According to experts, these plastic bottles are a top recommendation, because they do not contain any chemicals.
  • PET or PETE indicates that these bottles are disposable. They can release chemicals and heavy metals in the water directly disrupt the hormonal balance of the body.
  • PVC or 3V. This is a tag for plastic that contains two toxic chemicals that affect all hormones in your body.
  • LDPE. Manufacturers of plastic bottles and bottled water should not use this plastic, although it does not release chemicals and substances in the water. This plastic can be used only for the production of plastic bags.
  • PP. This is a tag for semi-transparent or white plastic, commonly used for packaging yogurt or syrup.
  • PS. This plastic containing carcinogenic substances, but it is still used in coffee and fast food casings.
  • PC or non-labeled plastic. This kind of plastic is the most dangerous and is widely used in the production and packaging of food. Sports water bottles are made from this plastic also. It releases BPA chemicals harmful to human health.

Therefore, always when buying bottled water we recommend you check the bottom of the bottle.

Your health depends on your healthy choice!

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