How Much Could You Extend Your Life By Running 5 Minutes A Day?

According to the latest study on the impact of exercise on mortality, running 5 minutes a day significantly reduces the risk of death. The obtained results show that even short, but intense exercise, can have a major stake in improving human health.

In the last few years, experts recommend moderate exercise (such as brisk walking). They have proven that 30 minutes of moderate exercise, a few days a week is equal to 15 minutes of intense daily training. Intensive exercise reduces the risk of diseases and increases lifespan.

For the new study published in The Journal of the American College of Cardiology, researchers from the Universities of Iowa and South Carolina made a huge database in the Cooper Clinic in Dallas. These years they collected information for thousands of men and women who performed regular control in the clinic. After every fitness training, they filled out questionnaires about their exercise habits, including whether, how often, and how fast they ran.

From this database, researchers had records of the health of 55,137 men and women, aged between 18 and 70 years, who visited the clinic at least 15 years before the start of this study. In this group, 24% are runners, whose typical length and running speed varied greatly. When they compared the results of mortality, they concluded that in the past 15 or more years nearly 3500 people died – most from heart disease.

Running 5 Minutes a Day - Sunset

However, runners were less susceptible to mortality from non-runners. The risk of death among runners from any cause was 30% lower than that of non-runners and the risk of death from heart disease – was 45% lower. Comparison of overweight and smoking substantiates this claim (although it is a rare occurrence among runners).

Running 5 Minutes A Day Reduces The Risk of Death

Runners get an extra 3 to 5 years of life, compared with those who never ran. Most likely, people enjoy the benefits of running no matter how long they run. These include those who run 150 minutes a week and those who run 10-15 minutes a day or walk for 10 minutes.

This finding seems very motivating because most people can fit in 10 minutes of running а day, no matter how busy they are. However, the benefits of running on the mortality are remarkable and encouraging.

Studies have shown that running has great benefits and directly affects the risk of premature death. Running is the key to improving longevity.

People who have or have had health problems should consult a doctor before they start the program. Experts recommend adding a little physical activity before they start running, like five minutes of jumping rope, cycling, and other similar activities. Besides you will feel better, you look better and control your weight. It is a small effort to add years to your life.

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