Decrease High Blood Sugar Level Using These Plants




Many centuries ago, Ebers Papyrus recommended a type of treatment for high blood sugar level with wheat grains rich in fiber. Nothing special has changed till now. As centuries are passing by, more than 400 types of plants have been found. They are used and prescribed in medical care as remedies for treatment of high blood sugar. There are a great number of scientific researches which confirm the effectiveness of plants as remedies for diabetes.

The most favorite plants used for treatment of high blood sugar level in the Middle East, Europe and Asia are raw onions and garlic. Long time ago, China and India people use vegetables like the bitter gourd and herbs like the ginseng for diabetes treatments. For reducing of high blood sugar in Europe is used the common mushroom. Iraqi people also use barley bread for treating high blood sugar level.

There are also many other foods used for treating of diabetes in many different countries. Some of them are bitter melon, beans,  lettuce, coriander seeds, cucumber, cinnamon, fenugreek seeds, Patch, Indian gooseberry etc.

All of these foods possess some anti-diabetic properties. Most of these foods also have a positive effect in the high blood pressure treatments.

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Foods For Decreasing High Blood Sugar Level

Artichoke – The Biggest Opponent of High Blood Sugar Level

Artichoke is a lot like the sunflower – on the top. The element found in this vegetable in quite large quantities is potassium. There is also a fair amount of calcium and some iron and sulphur. All of them providing good benefit to the maintaining of body health.

The high insulin content of the artichoke is the reason it has a beneficial effect in treating of high blood sugar level. Commonly known is that a fully ripe artichoke contains more than 2% of insulin. Ripe artichokes are available on markets generally in autumn. A conversion of the insulin into sugar happens in the winter.

High Blood Sugar - Artichoke

Largest effect out of artichoke is gained when it is consummated raw in salads. You can also quite well combine this vegetable with others. It is definitely the leader among vegetables against high blood sugar.

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