Diabetes – The Silent Killer of The Century




Diabetes is a blood disease which is in fact a disability of the metabolism to use the glucose in the body because it is in a too high level.

Glucose is a simple sugar which is a necessary food for the brain and the muscles. This type of sugar is consisted in products such as bread or potatoes.

It is digested in the stomach but the liver is the one that ” inserts” the glucose at places in human body that need most at that moment. The hormone insulin helps the liver to use the glucose appropriately and to turn it into energy instead of fat. When there is a lack of insulin in the body, diabetes occurs.


How Many Types of Diabetes Exist?

There are two types of diabetes. When the sick person suffers from type 1 diabetes, uses injections of insulin as a treatment. In such cases, no other medicine would help. When the sick person suffers from type 2 diabetes, pills or insulin inhalation is the treatment recommended, because this type is easily treatable than type 1.

Diabetes By Type

Is DNA The Major Reason for Diabetes?

Yes and No. Generally, if your father, mother, sister or any closer relative suffers from diabetes you are very likable to suffer from the same disease during your lifetime.  But, there are such a cases where people get sick from this disease no matter they have no diabetic person in their family. The major reason for diabetes, when it is not DNA’s ”fault’’, is stress.

How To Cure Diabetes?

  • Inhalation with insulin;
  • Insulin pills;
  • Insulin injections;
  • Diet

It is a fact medicine helps a lot in cases like these, but the way you eat, what you eat and when you eat your meal is very important too. A diabetic person mustn’t eat bread, sweets, cakes, candies or anything consisted of white sugar. Fruit can be dangerous if taken in bigger amounts. However, bitter melon, sour apples and lemons are welcomed on diabetic person’s table because they reduce the glucose in the blood.

Diabetes Chart Treatment

  • Remember to drink water as much as you can. You can try lemon or Sassy water for better taste.
  • Eucalyptus is an ingredient that have positive effects in the treatment of diabetes.
  • Bananas are a ”no, no” in cases like these.

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This disease is not transmitted from person to person by touch of a hand, lime, or wound. But, it is a disease of 21 Century that has killed many people. Statistics has shown that in 2011, 526 million people suffer from diabetes out of 896 million. These numbers worry doctors around the world- that is why doctors suggest regular controls, tests and appropriate diet in order to prevent this disease.

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