5 Easy Ways to Reduce Cholesterol Levels without Drugs




Do you experience problems with your cholesterol levels? Did you know that this condition can be improved without using of drugs, with only few basic steps that can change your overall health?

We often use drugs, prescribed with recipe from our doctor thinking that their regular intake will magically heal our cholesterol levels. Truth is that these prescribed drugs will lower cholesterol, but can also cause short-term and long-term side effects.

Drugs can lower cholesterol but this doesn’t mean that they’ll control it. With time, high cholesterol levels can trigger many adverse conditions of the heart and arteries, respectively appearing of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), stroke or heart attack.

Cholesterol Levels & Arteries

How to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels Without Side Effects?

  1. Eat right. This may sound simple, but is main reason in determining the cholesterol levels. Regardless if it’s bad nutrition or inherited disorder nutrition is crucial for regulating of cholesterol levels. Low fat or vegan nutrition is the first step to lowering of high cholesterol.
  2. Exercise. Improve your cardiovascular health. With exercising you will indirectly act on your high cholesterol levels, strengthening the heart and the circulatory system.
  3. Quit smoking. When you smoke, depositing of plaque is accelerated in the arteries because of high cholesterol. When plaque blocks the flow of blood to the heart, heart muscles work harder to gain the oxygen necessary. Blocked arteries can cause heart attack.
  4. Relax. Chronic stress also affects cholesterol levels. If you are constantly under stress and stressful situations, even low cholesterol diet won’t help you if you don’t learn to get rid of it on your own.
  5. Talk to your doctor. Except with prescribed drugs, your doctor can also help you form a nutrition regime and exercising plan. This change will reflect on your actual health and its improving.

By lowering your cholesterol you will impose a new way of living and nutrition. If you want to stop taking drugs first consult your doctor.

If you follow these simple advice you will notice large improving of your cholesterol. You can lower cholesterol levels in just one week. The choice is yours!

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