18 Cosmetic Tricks for “Busy – Business Woman”




Maybe you do not have time to go to a beauty salon.

Sometimes you cannot find time even in the morning to beautify your face and hair.

Read our 18 tips for saving time:

  • You are awakened by a flushing face: The facial skin can calm down for 5 minutes: top off the towel, and soak it with cold milk. Lactic acid will reduce redness and also will make your skin softer.
  • Winter or wind constantly shoots your lips: Before bedtime, moisten your lips with a lip product that contains Panthenol and vitamin E.
  • Blush all day: Your face will look excellent and smooth all day long if you apply blush-like shaped lip gloss and cheeks.

Woman Having Stress in the Office

  • Lipstick excessively differentiates you from your complexion: Through the lips, apply a thin layer of transparent talc powder. This is a trick that you can use if you have problems with eye shadows, also.
  • Outlining the lips: Problems with delineating lips will forever disappear the moment when you realize that it is best to use a lip pencil in beige color. It will keep the lipstick on the borders of the lips.
  • Quick removal of the nail varnish: The arch of the nail remove only with the oil product that does not contain acetone.

Women Lips

  • Manicure for 5 minutes: This includes a cardboard file, a wooden stick for suppression skins, and preparation for softening.
  • Quick drying nail varnish: Use colorless nail polish; it hastens to dry but also acts as a protective layer of varnish.
  • Advantage of the hairdresser: 40 minutes spent in the salon can save you hours and hours spent in front of a mirror at home. New products used in modern hair studios will give your hair everything it needs and for at least 4-5 days you will look beautiful.

Nice Nails

  • Concealing the damaged tops: When you finish shaping the hair, the hair on the tops switch fingers smeared with balsam.
  • The lush hair: Mix 1 teaspoon baking powder with shampoo which you regularly use. Wash your hair for a few minutes and then rinse well.
  • Quick-shaped hairstyle: Curl your hair with that larger curler and spray it with hair lacquer.


  • Acne covering: Cover them with concealer and a little thicker layer of liquid foundation. Then, apply powder gently over the entire face apply powder.
  • Perfect covered – with – makeup eyes: Besides working on the upper lashes, drag the feature with a soft thin (black, gray, brown) pencil; then, apply shadow over the lid in an adjustable color.
  • Instead of a daily moisturizer and liquid foundation: The fastest combination is toned cream (especially if it has SPF 15 factor), which is the real solution for “busy” women.

Face Makeup

  • Tonic is optional: This preparation is not necessary if you use a tool that cleans skin without irritation. This rule is not acceptable for very greasy or too dry skin.
  • No time for a detailed cosmetic treatment: In this case, once in 10 days, dispersed face with chamomile. It will refresh the face and stimulate circulation. While the skin is still wet, moisten it with hydrant cream.
  • Fast hairstyle after exercise: After exercise, spray your hair with a bow; then, compose your haircut.

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