Dinner? No Way! I Am On Regime!




If you are on a diet, that doesn’t mean that you mustn’t have dinner.

There are a lot of products that are forbidden for this part of the day, but there are also a lot that are allowed.

You mustn’t eat for dinner:

  • meat;
  • sugar;
  • coffee;
  • bread;
  • sweats;
  • fruit;
  • fried food.

However, you can have for dinner (without remorse):

  • vegetable soup;
  • salad with any dressing;
  • almonds;
  • nuts;
  • replace pop-corns with dry figs or dry grapes;
  • tea with dried bread or over-baked;
  • cereals.

Diet doesn’t mean ”starving” – it means good choice of products.

Enjoy your dinner and have a nice night.

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