15 Revolutionary Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar




Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is produced by fermentation of pressed apple juice. Fermentation is a process in which the sugar from an apple turns into vinegar. The best for use is real organic apple cider vinegar, which is full of enzymes, trace elements, and pectin.

Filtered and pasteurized ACV lacks these ingredients, very important for your health.

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

What is apple cider vinegar good for?

1. Digestive System

Drinking apple cider vinegar with water improves digestion. One tablespoon of ACV mixed in a glass of water, 15 minutes before eating, stimulates digestive liquids for better food assimilation.

2. Constipation, Intestinal Problems and Heartburn

Apple cider vinegar diluted in water relieves acid reflux, followed by heartburn. Very careful have to be those who have a sensitive stomach or ulcer.

Apple pectin fiber is the most important ingredient of apples and ACV. It soothes the entire gastrointestinal tract and prevents cramps, gas, and bloating.

The apple cider vinegar is a useful mild laxative for stimulation of peristalsis in case of constipation.

3. Candida and Intestinal Bacteria

Apple cider vinegar is full of beneficial acids that improve intestinal flora. These are apple and acetic acid, which have anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties. Also, helps in controlling the spread of candida.

4. Immune System

Apple cider vinegar helps boost your overall immunity, improving conditions for the reproduction of friendly bacteria.

Drinking ACV once a day prevents the cold, because of the strong antiviral properties of apple acid.

Raw and unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar is beneficial for the lymphatic system. It helps get rid of the lymph nodes and to stop mucus in the body. With continued use, it relieves the sinuses and allergies.

5. Blood Sugar Level

Apple cider vinegar is full of acetic acid, which slows the digestion of simple carbohydrates and thereby regulates the blood sugar level. Several studies prove the ACV’s anti-glycemic effect, including this study contributed by the American Diabetes Association. ACV improves overall insulin sensitivity and postprandial insulin. It has physiological characteristics similar to acarbose or metformin (anti-diabetic medication) and it is subject to constant review for diabetic therapies.

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6. High Blood Pressure

Many researches have shown that apple cider vinegar reduces high blood pressure. ACV stimulates nitric oxide production in the body, which relaxes the blood vessels. Overall, it has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, resulting in lower blood pressure.

7. Detoxification

Apple cider vinegar is a popular ingredient for detoxification. Consuming a spoonful of ACV diluted in water before each meal cleans the liver. It is an effective dose for daily detoxification.

8. Weight Loss

Raw organic apple cider vinegar is great for losing weight and reducing fat.

This study shows that ACV suppresses the accumulation of body fat and liver lipids. Natural, organic apple cider vinegar contains minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and pectin, which combined with acetic acid prevent the absorption and burn existing fat. It also reduces the feeling of hunger and is therefore used for weight reduction.

9. Bad Breath

The natural acids in ACV and acetic acid reduce bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath. Do gargle one tablespoon of ACV diluted in a glass of water for about 20 seconds. It really eliminates the bad breath.

10. Skin

ACV balances your skin’s pH level. Therefore, we recommended it as a skin tonic. It assists in dermatological condition treatments, especially acne and eczema. Removing skin tags with ACV is also another of the health benefits of the vinegar.

11. Sunburn Skin

Add a cup of apple cider vinegar to your bathtub. Relax for 10 minutes and you will see the inconvenience of sunburns disappear. Apple acid from apple cider vinegar has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. This is why vinegar is good for your skin.

12. Your Legs

Drinking the ACV and water increases the level of potassium in the body, which is responsible for the leg cramps occurring at night. It is effective against restless leg syndrome too.

13. Energy

A mixture of raw apple cider vinegar and water has a powerful alkalizing effect. It reduces the acidity and helps your body recover from a range of diseases. In addition, it gives you more energy and stamina throughout the day.

Mayo Clinic

14. Natural Massage Treatment

ACV is great for massage. Rubbing your arms and legs with apple cider vinegar will get rid of tiredness. Unbelievable, but you should try. After all, it is not harmful.

15. Hair Rinse

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent remedy for highly shiny hair. Mix 1/2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar in a glass of cold water and pour the liquid on your hair after shampooing. Your hair will always be shiny.

Remember, if you do not want to make apple cider vinegar, check Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, or let us see how to make apple cider vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar Uses

How To Make Apple Cider Vinegar?

  1. Wash and cut 10 organically grown apples into quarters.
  2. Place them somewhere at room temperature until they get a brown color.
  3. Pour water over the brown apple quarters in the glass jar and cover it with cheesecloth.
  4. Leave the jar in a warm and dark place for 6 months, stirring once a week.
  5. After 6 months, filter the liquid into another glass jar and leave it covered in the same place for the next 4-6 weeks.
  6. Pour your fully fermented apple cider vinegar liquid into several small containers, according to your needs.

As you see, you can use this miracle product in many ways. The use of apple cider vinegar is highly recommended!

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