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Being on a diet doesn’t mean that you will lose weight.

Sometimes you do, but the pounds come back again. Maybe, it is high time you change some habits instead of putting yourself on a strict regime.

Here are some tips only for you:

  • Small dish – If you cook by yourself, put the food in small plates; if you eat in a restaurant, order kids- size dish;
  • Eat products that appear in the current season – If you buy strawberries in December, it is very likely that they contain additives that affect negatively on your diet;
  • Replace the pasta – meal with vegetables – meal;
  • Find something to relax OUT OF THE KITCHEN – Don’t replace the lack of love with amounts of food;
  • Go for a walk every evening or morning;
  • Drink red wine – it helps in the process of losing weight, although it contains sugar. This sugar is natural that ”kills’ fat quickly.

Healthy Eating Plate

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