Do You Know What Happens if You Sleep Naked?




Do you know that you could sleep naked sometimes? It is not only sweet but also is good for your health and general well-being.

Here are the five proven facts that confirm that.

Increase the Quality of Sleep

Irregular body-temperature at night causes insomnia. Healthline has confirmed it. Another study showed that body temperature regulation during sleep could help for better and deeper sleep. A group of scientists from the Netherland also have conveyed research in which they put thermo suits on the participant’s bodies to reduce the skin temperature. Moreover, they cared for the core body temperature to remain unchanged. The result was the following – participants had a peaceful night and slept well.

So, according to this conclusion, do not cover yourself with thick and heavy blankets at night. The grand warming of the body negatively affects your sleep.Sleep well

It Lowers the Cortisol Level and Reduces the Belly Fat

Your body is cooling down while you sleep, during the night. Such a cooling process allows Casper. Cortisol (the stress hormone) is responsible for many diseases such as disruptive sleep, hormonal dis-balance, high blood pressure, weak immunity, high cholesterol, and increased appetite.

Your body is in a phase of deep rest at night between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., when cortisol reaches its minimum. After 2 a.m. the glands that produce cortisol start their active work to renew the energy in your body. Then, you wake up filled with energy.

The opposite of this situation, when you wake up tired – it means that you have an abnormally high level of cortisol that stimulates your appetite (the need for sweetness) and easily causes overeating. This is one of the reasons for obesity and belly fat.

It Prevents Aging

Your sleeping-room-temperature should not be higher than 70˚F (21˚C). Higher temperature prevents the release of the two most important anti-aging hormones, melatonin, and growth hormones.

When you sleep in a completely dark room, the body temperature drops down and your body releases melatonin and growth hormones. In fact, a study published in the journal “Sleep” proved the act of sleeping itself causes the release of growth hormones.

Healthier Body Composition

You already know that growth hormones are essential for tissue regeneration and whole-body health. Increased body temperature inhibits that process.

Casper at the University of Warwick has proven that people who sleep less than 6 hours a night have three times greater chance to catch diabetes, having heart problems, and gaining weight. Lack of sleep causes the release of cortisol and hunger hormones, which furthermore causes an increased level of insulin in the blood. It also reduces fat-burning and appetite-controlling hormone production.

You Are Ready For Making Love

The so-called “love hormone” i.e. Oxytocin, is a very powerful hormone. This feel-good hormone is key to a great orgasm. It is excellent in dealing with stress, blood pressure reduction, combating depression, and reducing intestinal inflammation by moving your bowels.

According to this knowledge, if you and your partner sleep naked, your mutual “skin-to-skin touch” will cause a significant release of the hormone oxytocin. We should not neglect the fact that sleeping naked causes a higher passion desire between partners. It will bring many memorable and pleasurable intimate moments.

After the stated facts, the choice of the next way of sleeping IS UP TO YOU!

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