7 Tips to Avoid Stress Affect Your Weight




Does stress interfere in your battle with weight loss? The stress that comes from keeping a diet is often a supplement to the stress we experience every day causing a “vicious cycle” of larger food intake and stress.

It is commonly known that people undergoing stressful situations often do unhealthy and self-defeating things. As strong biological evidence confirm, this is also known to be the reason for these people gaining pounds a lot faster than others. People often find excuses for binge eating in the stress they endure in their workplaces or on a personal basis.

Managing Stress – Related Overeating 

If you find any connection with something mentioned above, here are some helpful tips that can help you ménage the binge eating problem:

  1. Whenever you feel hungry, postpone your meal consumption for at least 10 to 30 minutes. There is a possibility for the hunger you feel to disappear if it’s in any way connected to some stress you have endured.
  2. Write down the food you consume every day. It is quite possible the thought that you have to write everything down will help you overthink before eating.
  3. Make a phone call or write a note to a friend who also has a similar problem to yours to help each other by exchanging opinions on the subject.
  4. Practice healthy nutrition so you can help yourself maintain good energy levels. Stress that causes you to skip meals will only cause you to eat more and unhealthy.
  5. Write down and put some reminding messages as “Do you really feel hungry” and “Why am I eating” in someplace where it is likely you will see them, such as on the fridge when you are facing stress-related cravings for food.
  6. Make a list of food products before you go to buy them and never go shopping when you feel hungry. It’s also good for you to get rid of any tempting food that is a reason for your binge eating.
  7. It is crucial that you use at least a short period of the day to do something fun and relaxing. Health is not only physically related, but also mentally, so do something good for it by compensating for the stress you endure each and single day.

Stress Affect Your Weight

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When stress affects your appetite, remove from refrigerator high-fat and sugary foods. Keeping this food just draws you into trouble.

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