Why Sprouted Garlic Should Become a Part of Your Everyday Life?




Sprouted garlic… But, let’s first to review the facts of full-grown, fresh garlic. It is generally known that garlic has a very positive effect on human health. It easily handles high pressure and various heart diseases.

Garlic is used in the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia, prostate cancer, diabetes, chronic fatigue and skin infections. It is the best source of glutathione, the mother of antioxidants.

Various scientific studies have proven that garlic strengthens the immune system, purifies your clogged arteries and fights against sinus infections. It is also excellent in the prevention and elimination of colds and flu.

Sprouted Garlic - Spotlight

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Sprouted Garlic Benefits

Do you know that sprouted garlic has more health benefits than fresh, full-grown garlic?

Sprouted garlic has greater antioxidant effects. A team of Korean researchers proved this discovery. They stated that sprouted beans and grains have increased antioxidant activity that also applies in the case of garlic.

According to the results of their research, garlic, which sprouted more than five days, had much more measurable antioxidant effects than full-grown garlic. It had such different metabolites, very different from full-grown garlic. Laboratory studies have also shown that sprouted garlic, which was protected in a laboratory dish, had more antioxidant potential.

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