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Lunar diet helps in the body’s detoxification. Also, it is a very popular diet for those women who have found exercising not very popular. It is proven that this diet gives a very quick and visible results.

There are various theories about the influence of the Moon on people and their lives. Many studies confirm that the Moon affects our behavior or the rhythm of our sleep. But, there is a theory that the position of the Moon affects even our weight loss.

What Lunar Diet Represents, Actually?

Lunar diet consists of consuming fluids at the time when the Moon enters a new phase. Moon passes through four phases: new moon (when you cannot see in the sky), first quarter (about 6 days after the new moon), full moon (when the sky looks like a full circle) and the last quarter.

Lunar diet can be applied twice a month; first, when the Moon is old and second, when the Moon is young. But, it is advisable to be once a month when there is a young Moon only.

Moonlight liquid diet helps the body get rid of toxins and also, prevents many diseases. And what about wrinkles?

Lunar Diet - Before & After

Details of Lunar Diet

Lunar diet begins when the Moon enters in the particular stage. It’s only a liquid diet. It lasts for 24 hours.

During the diet you must consumed 2-4 liters of fluid, and it is best to be plain water and tea without sweetener. When you feel great deal of hunger, its recommended homemade juice from fruits or vegetables. Milk and alcohol are forbidden.

Lunar diet cleans the body from toxins in the interval of 24 hours, and discarding all the reserved liquid. This 24 hour post can lose 1 to 3 pounds.

But if you do choose lunar diet, once a month, then make sure what are you eating the rest of the month, because when the moon is growing – you need to consume less food, and when the moon falls – you can afford more pleasure and enjoyment in food.

Lunar Phases

Lunar Diet - Lunar Phases 2014

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