Food – Healthy Products Only !!!

Here is a short list of the unhealthiest products in the whole ”nutrition history’’:

  • Fried food – Even vegetable, fruit and meet that are considered to be healthy products, lose their nutritive values when fried or over-cooked;
  • Pop – corns – These are full of poisonous acids and oil;
  • Products used instead of butter – Many people think that butter is full with calories and fat. It is true to some extent, but even unhealthier are substitutes of butter;
  • Can products – Even healthy products lose their positive calories if preserved in cans and consumed years after packing;
  • Ready – to – eat salad sauces – In this category can be listed ketchup or mayonnaise;
  • Energy bars – These are considered to be healthy, but in fact are consisted of 60% unrefined sugar;
  • Genetically Modified Food

The above mentioned products have a bad influence on your health. The consumption of these products can cause serious disorders in your metabolism. Therefore, be careful when choosing products for your next meal!