9 ”Because” to the 9 ”Why”!?




The question is: Why it is a ”Must” to Declare Your Love to the Person You Like?

  1. BECAUSE the person you like will feel glad to know he/ she means something to somebody;
  2. BECAUSE you shouldn’t be afraid of love – LOVE doesn’t ”bite’’;
  3. BECAUSE if you don’t tell her/ him you will never know if she/ he would have ever accepted;
  4. BECAUSE he/she will appreciate your honesty;
  5. BECAUSE (maybe) he/she is waiting for you to take the first step;
  6. BECAUSE: Girls, forget about the rule: men should take the first step; Boys, you are not a foot- lickers if you take the first step;
  7. BECAUSE the doubt ”whether she/he likes me or mot” really ” kills’’;
  8. BECAUSE with these two simple words ” I love you’’, you can put an end to the fights that last for days;
  9. BECAUSE the person that makes you feel happy deserves to know that!

DARE and say ”I LOVE YOU’’!

I Love You


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