Diabetics and The Healing Power of Vegan Diet





(HealthAndLovePage) Diabetics must be careful of their nutrition. Each food choice they make has large influence on their overall health, regardless the gender and age.

Diabetes is a disorder without a cure. On the contrary, it can easily cause many infections, blindness, impotence and it can even cause functional disorder of kidneys and their failing. That’s why nutrition is one of the most important ways for controlling diabetes.

We know that vegetarian lifestyle has highlight on little fat, high fiber and nutrient-rich foods. So we must mention that this kind of nutrition is recommended to diabetics.Diabetics - Vegan Diet FeaturedThis disease is inhibited in the body by properly processing foods. Larger part of the food we consume is easily digested and turned into glucose, and the sugar is administered by blood to all body cells giving us the necessary energy.

How Diabetics Controls Blood Sugar Level?

The hormone insulin helps glucose to reach the cells. But, diabetics aren’t able to control the amount of glucose in blood because the mechanism transforming sugar in energy doesn’t function properly. In such cases the body is absent of insulin or there are small amounts. As a result of this disordered condition, glucose is deposited in the bloodstream causing problems such as: inability to concentrate, weakness, loss of coordination and blurred vision.

Diabetics - Vegan Diet 1If you don’t maintain proper balance between consumed food and insulin level, you can experience very low sugar level in the blood. Also, if this condition is prolonged for a longer period it can cause coma and even death.

Although incurable, diabetes can be successfully controlled with nutrition and exercise. To achieve this diabetics must care for their proper intake of calories. Facilitating circumstance is that diabetics who’ve decided to live a vegan lifestyle don’t have to count calories. They can calculate glycemic index, respectively total carbohydrate intake, because half of their nutrition is composed of complex carbohydrates.

Many diabetic vegetarians have proven that as a result of their vegan diet they lowered the usage of insulin injections, which also gives them sense of power and control over their disease. With better nutrition, better health, better spirit!!!

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