6 Test Subjects Reverse Diabetes in 30 Days with This One Change




The American Diabetes Association categorically claims that diabetes is a chronic disease that has no cure. However, what would happen if you can reverse diabetes or prevent it before it happens?

If you have not seen the documentary film Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days, now is the right time. It talks about how 6 test subjects, all of them with different lifestyles and all diabetics, were able to reverse diabetes.

Once we talk about movies, my recommendation is to watch Intermountain Healthcare This is the best 2011 American documentary film that explores the challenges of converting to a vegan diet.

Participants in the reverse diabetes program were the following:

  • Austin (age 25) – with type 1 diabetes and alcohol addiction.
  • Kirt (age 25) – with a blood sugar of 1200 points (normal is under 100).
  • Bill (age 58) has neuropathy. He does not feel his legs.
  • Michelle (age 36) has a sizable thickness.
  • Henry (age 58) – with a blood sugar level of 464 points and treatment of 9 insulin tablets per day.
  • Pam (62) has a large thickness and family members suffer from diabetes.

Reverse Diabetes Method

Gabriel Cousens and his team at the Tree Of Life Rejuvenation Center believe that they can reverse diabetes by changing their diet. According to the research, he claims that the chances of developing breast cancer are about four times higher in people who eat meat, prostate cancer 3-6 times, and 4 times – diabetes occurrence.

Overall, there is a high chance of developing chronic diseases in all subjects.

According to Gabriel, the most important is access to a plant-based diet – raw food should be preferred. He and his team at the Tree Of Life Rejuvenation Center, during the 30-day program, prepared a plan of raw and well-balanced meals for all test subjects.

They turn the food into their medicine. Subjects despite Gabriel’s prescribed food also took their medication. This entire program was under medical supervision.

Reverse Diabetes Results

On the third day of the program, Kirt, Bill, and Henry were able to stop taking insulin and medications. With only three days change of in the diet, blood sugar levels have dropped to normal. Pam has decreased the intake of insulin to 1/3. Austin, with type 1 diabetes, has already been able to reduce insulin intake to 1/2. Michelle’s blood sugar level was about 362. These changes encouraged all of them to stay in the program and to continue to improve their health status.

  1. After 12 days – Henry’s blood sugar levels fell down by 256 points. In doing so, he has not used drugs to lower his blood sugar level. He no longer uses his 17 medications, lost 30 pounds and his blood pressure dropped down.
  2. Kirt did not use drugs to regulate blood sugar levels anymore. The level of blood sugar dropped from 214 to 73 points (normal), although it was later discovered that he had type 1 diabetes.
  3. Bill has stopped taking his 19 medications and lost 32 pounds of weight. Blood sugar dropped from 214 to 74 points without taking medications and insulin.
  4. Michelle has stopped taking his medication and lost 23 pounds. Blood sugar levels decreased from 291 to 109 points without the use of drugs.
  5. Pam lost 26 pounds, while her blood sugar dropped from 167 to 112 points without the use of medication.
  6. Austin, who has type 1 diabetes, has lost 20 pounds and reduced his insulin intake from 70 to 5 units. With him, there was a dramatic improvement in his diabetes condition.

Reverse Diabetes In 30 Days.

The conclusion of the mentioned changes was that all participants in the program had a turnaround in their health. All of them reverse diabetes or drastically reduce the blood sugar level to a controllable state. Kirt, who had type 1 diabetes, was completely healed, although it was impossible. All other type 2 diabetics have stopped using insulin.

What Does This Tell Us?

It is important that all diabetics know that they opt and a fair chance in the fight against diabetes. Many of them are not aware of the food’s power and the possible transformation of their condition. They still take insulin after the generally accepted opinion, as if it is their only solution.

It is not bad to follow the mainstream, but it is not good to miss other options as a better alternative. In fact, the American Diabetes Association confirms the results as obvious changes through this program.

Would you have tried to heal your diabetes with raw food? Are you curious to check these claims?

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