Here’s How She Cured Her Breast Cancer the Natural Way




Tamara St. John is one of the victims of the terrible disease – Breast Cancer. This is a story – How she manages to cure breast cancer, and with an open heart, she is sharing hope with women all around the world who are facing this terrible disease.

Her story begins on April 2009, at the routine doctor’s appointment by accident doctors discover a lump in one of her breasts. During that period she was finishing her master’s degree, hoping to dramatically elevate her working position.

So, as the doctors diagnose the lump, she was confident that this was not her priority and as far as she had plenty of time to finish the master’s degree and delay the treatment process.

The twist of fate took part in her life and in May 2009 she becomes jobless. She decided to finish her master’s degree, regardless of the consequences. One month pass she started to struggle with pain in her breast.

Two months pass and the lymph knots started to spread under the bosom. They incite strong pain with visible swelling. Left without sleep she did manage to get her master’s degree… and now was the time to attend to her health needs.

One of the hardest periods in her life is the moment when she was broke, with no job, and no health insurance desperate and hopeless seeking any kind of solution to her problem, spending countless time surfing the net searching for answers… No answers were found. The only thought circling in her mind was that this is a test from God, a temptation that will eventually produce the solution.

Breast Cancer

The Budwig Protocol and Breast Cancer

Flashback… 30 years in the past at the age of twelfth Tamara… remember her mother’s chemotherapy and radiation treatments; force to take alternative ways to treatment for lack of funds she put her life in the hands of God. Starting by changing her diet, a natural way of treatment, and the Budwig Protocol (apricot kernels), similar to Radical Remission.

Budwig protocol seems to take effect for the better just in a few weeks (June 2009) the lumps in breast areas started to decrease the pain drastically. The changes in the body decrease energy levels, feeling constantly exhausted sleeping 15 hours daily. So after several months, she started to practice fitness, daily walks and increase the diet with apricot kernels and use juicing for detox.

Breast Cancer - Signs To Look For

In September 2009 Tamara notice a ring form rash around the neck. She had spoken to numerous biochemists, nurses, epidemiologists, and other cancer survivors who confirmed that this is an epidermal growth factor receptor, which appeared as a result of the detox of the body. This is not so common practice but in some cases of cancer, like breast cancer or non-small cell lung cancer, is a common symptom.

Tamara was fighting the rash for over seven months; until the body flushes cancer cells from the whole organism. The rash was resilient even to Aloe Vera constantly irritating the skin and scratching all the time, but this condition lasted for seven months until the rash disappeared.

Logically she concluded that if the rash is gone, the breast cancer cells were gone as well, so she started to return to her old habits of food regime, unable to resist the sweet donuts and candy or delicious meals that she didn’t eat during that cleansing period. This was the breaking point of the healing process and after six month’s breast cancer growth doubled in proportion than before. Symptoms of the disease were more intense, frequently felt exhausted sleeping over 21 hours per day, Tamara fall into a deep depression followed by continual crying… she lost all hope. Once more she put her life in God’s hands, deciding not to take action and detox… she was preparing herself for the worst outcome… death.

One morning, Tamara was running to the bathroom with intense diarrhea 4 times before she felt that the brain fog had been lifted from her and she now had some energy again to begin the detox process all over again.

This time Tamara was ready to start the detox program again using juicing and apricot kernels. Deep down she felt that this is the right path of healing, better than any surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation treatment; due to lack of funds or the circumstances, she discovered that this is the best alternative treatment against breast cancer.

Tamara is not completely healthy yet. Terminal cancer left her with some health issues that she is also healing naturally. All this is best described in her book Defeat Cancer Now, which is Amazon Bestseller in 2013. This book includes over 60 recipes for fighting Cancer.

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Breast Cancer
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