Make Your Relationship Healthy With Your Fit on the Ground




Women have sometimes, bigger expectations than men can fulfill.

That is something that frustrates women and that men hate. Usually, that is the reason for a break-up.

Save your relationship and don’t have unreal wish, such as:

  • He should say what I want to hear, and to be honest at the same time… Is this possible?
  • He should be the prince on the white horse… Are you a princess?
  • He should do even the impossible to make you come back. There are no such a man that will run after the plane on -10 degrees in order to convince you stay;
  • He should take care of everything… OK, he should do the man’s job, but did you finish your woman’s job?!?
  • To understand you completely… That is fine, but do you understand him in such a way???
  • To be romantic and to be even more romantic the very next time!
  • To be emotional and gentleman and rough at the same time. Ladies, raise your hand if you have felt this during your life time! Well, this is not as impossible as it seems to be…

Relationship AdviceBe realistic and love him as if he were the only one…

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