He Wasn’t The Man I Have Always Dreamed Of…




He wasn’t the man I have always dreamed of. No… No, he wasn’t! Guys with such a dark complexion and darkish eyes weren’t my preference. In fact, I didn’t even have a particular type of a man in my mind.

I have never dreamed of a tall Russian-type of a man, either. I have never dreamed of anything at all because I thought I had no right of that. And, then comes he…

The well-known cliché: The first time I saw him I felt I knew him time and time before we saw each other. We talked with hours without even noticing time. Days and months have passed and we talked and talked… and talked…

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It was like we have so much to tell one another; like time had stopped when we were together; like we were the only creatures of this world…Only You And MeLife has taught me that I shouldn’t believe people; I shouldn’t believe men at all. I had seen so many types of men before him: I had seen liars, pathetic men, cynics, hypocrites, stupid men, clever men, intelligent, less intelligent, good lovers, bad lovers, cold- hearted, open- minded, simple, complicated…

You And Me Pillow BlueThis one is everything I have mentioned. That is why he is so special. He is a perfect lover when the woman is completely dedicated to him. He must be the center of Her world if she wants him to make her happy. Oh, yes, he is! He is open-minded and open-hearted, but hypocrite, if necessary. He is a liar when he wants to protect me from harm – he hates seeing me cry. In fact, he is the reason of me smiling every day. He is so simple; He is like a little child that all it needs is love.

But, he is so emotional and complicated also, you can hurt him without even noticing that. It sounds selfish, but it is not. He is a type of a man that would give the whole world if he feels that the woman loves him sincerely.

He shows love and affection without being embarrassed about that.

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Maybe, he is not so educated, but he sounds like he was. But, he is intelligent. Life has taught me there are many types of men. But, HE has taught me that beauty is in contradiction: to love when you don’t feel like doing anything at all; to smile when you only feel like crying; to find simplicity in the most complicated person…

I found my simplicity in the contradiction of his character; I found smile in the hidden tears of his eyes; I found love in the pain of his weeping soul… That was the lesson HE taught me! And, I wish he never stops teaching me… this and so much more!

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