I Am the Man in the House!

(An image of an urban marriage)

”I am the man in the house: (honey, I was kidding) I do what I want (I clean my shoes on my own- my wife ”mustn’t” put a finger on them!!!) ”My wife can’t tell me what to do! I am the man in the house! Yea! Eh… I am … Hum … Yeah, I do what I want! For example, I clean my shoes, yea, because they are mine… She mustn’t even look at them, yea! And my shirts, also… I iron them myself because my wife is desperate in ironing (I lied-  because my wife hates it, and I can’t go messy) . My wife… she often refuses me when I ask her to clean my shoes (Anyway, I don’t want to drive her mad: better to refuse to clean my shoes than to refuse me when we go to bed…You see what I mean, right? ) …

Cleaning Shoes”I am the man in the house: I clean with the vacuum cleaner (I really like it- It’s fun!). ”I can’t see the dust around the house: on the fridge, the radio, TV, the table… I often turn the vacuum cleaner to clean up a little…you! My wife mustn’t say a word! Yea, I am the man in the house- I can clean with the vacuum cleaner whenever I want! I can even wash the carpet… and clean the windows! My wife mustn’t say a word- she comes home and keeps quiet( the truth is: she always reproaches me I didn’t clean well in some places- then I re- clean the missed parts) .

Vacuum Cleaner ”I am the man in the house; I change the diapers of our baby. (I really like it?!?) The baby is crying; my wife is sleeping- poor woman (she couldn’t close an eye from the baby’s cry whole night). I change the diapers (if i didn’t, she would stand on the top of my head…). NO! I am the man in the house- I adore changing diapers (at least I don’t tell my friends- they would go in a hilarious laugh if they knew I touched and smelled baby’s s**t). OH, MY GOODNESS! I’ll go mad…I… I… I am THE MAN in the house! I’ll go mad If I clean the house one more time, or, If I change one more diaper! No! I will go mad even if I wash one more plate! ”

Change The DiapersMen- Don’t be pathetic!!!

A man will never confess he helps his wife. Well, it’s not a big deal! Women clean the house, wash the clothes, wash the dishes, change diapers, and feed the baby- PLUS: go to work. And, the most important, take care of the biggest child in the house- their husbands. Dear men, you are not foot – lickers if you help your wives! Okay, it’s not your job to clean the house (as it is not your wife’s job to repair the car). But, little hand from time to time is not ” killing” your ego. Men, admit it! This is the men’s world, but women are ” The Bosses” (at least, don’t lie to your friends that you don’t feel like going when they ask you to go on a football match.). Finally, they ” use” the same lie. My advice: Don’t be pathetic! ) . OK men, THIS IS A MEN’S WORLD (… women really like this urban and latest version of ” strict” and ” dominant” husbands…). MEN, YOU WIN (At least, women make you think in that way, but the truth is…make a wild guess…A coin for a woman’s thought… ).