10 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Stop Smoking




We are all aware of the negative effects that smoking brings to our bodies, but still, many smokers find it hard to stop smoking, because they place their enjoyment before their health.

In some cases, smokers are not very familiar with all the negative things (including the development of certain diseases) that they can expect from their unhealthy habit.

Stop Smoking Facts

Even if you are not really interested in what will happen to you when you get old, you should know that smoking comes with some short-term effects on your health too.

Now let’s check what really happens with your body when you stop smoking. These facts will help change your mind.

1. In only 20 minutes, your blood pressure will reach its normal level.

2. After 8 hours, the level of carbon monoxide in your blood will be reduced by 50% and the level of oxygen will become normal.

3. In 2 days, the chances to experience a heart attack will be significantly reduced. The nicotine will be out of your body and your sense of taste and smell will return to their natural levels.

4. In 3 days, you will start to feel more energetic and your respiratory system will start functioning better.

5. After 2 weeks, blood circulation will be improved and will increase in the next 3 months.

Stop Smoking - What Happens

6. In 3 to 9 months, breathing problems, coughing, and respiratory-related problems will be significantly reduced and at the same time, the lung capacity will be increased by 10%.

7. In 1 year, the chances of experiencing a heart attack will be decreased by 50%.

8. After 5 years, this risk will return at the same level as for those who have never smoked.

9. In 10 years, the same thing will happen when it comes to developing lung cancer.

10. In 15 years, the risk of having a heart attack will become the same as for non-smokers.

Source: Web MD

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