This Unexpected Reaction Occurs When Rubbing Garlic on Your Foot 

 February 11, 2015

By  Gabriela

The number of cosmetic and beauty products on the market is constantly growing.

However, since most of these products include synthetic ingredients and certain Kids Spot we cannot say that all of them are perfectly safe. Some of them come with certain side effects too.Rubbing Garlic on Your Foot FeaturedUnfortunately, the number of people who are informed and know the ingredients that the products they use contain – is low.

That is why Anna Jimenez decided to take things into her own hands and performed a detailed investigation about the ingredients used in the most popular cosmetic products on the market today.

The basic goal was to determine whether some ingredients and products are toxic or not.

Anna contacted Suzanne Hall, an editor of a famous TV show in order to trace some of the potentially dangerous ingredients found in beauty products like makeup and some other skin care products.

During their conversation they have shared many useful information, but the most shocking part starts at around 2:30 minutes when Ms. Hall told Anna that after rubbing garlic on your foot, you will actually feel the taste of it in your mouth in a matter of seconds.

Of course, Anna Jimenez was skeptical, but still decided to go on with the “experiment”. She took off her shoes, rubbed garlic on both feet….

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