Quickly Lose 7 to 10 Pounds Per Month 

 November 26, 2013

By  Gabriela

Protein diet (or the meat diet, as the name implies), is consisted of protein intake in the nutrition and elimination of carbohydrates. Diet is not a way of nutrition, but only exclusion of a certain type of food, for instance, fruits or vegetables.

During this diet, the lack of vitamins must be compensated by vitamin pills. The meat can be prepared in all possible ways (boiled, fried, roasted) and, you can add products that do not contain carbohydrates.

The purpose of attenuation is actually changing the composition of body tissue with loss of fat and increasing the muscle mass. Since muscles are heavier than fat, weight should not be the measure of success in the diet, but the reduction of the volume or inches.

  • Allowed products: all kinds of meat and fish;
  • Allowed drinks: water, mineral water, coffee and tea with sweetener;
  • Preparation: boiled, baked, fried, grilled or dried. All products except ketchup and mustard are allowed (or any spices that contain carbohydrates);
  • You MUSTN’T take: – products that contain starch, all kinds of dairy products, sweets and snacks.

    You can practice this diet for a month or two (it is up to you). You are not limited by the amount of meat that you eat during the diet process and during the particular dish (supper or lunch). With this protein diet, you can very quickly lose weight, even 1.5 to 2 pounds per week or, 7 to 10 pounds per month. Don’t be afraid of the ”yo-yo effect’’! And, by the way, you will ”reward” yourself with ‘‘less wish for any food” and a good mood.

Good luck!

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