Black Spider Magic for Red – Passion Night




Black color in some countries is a symbol of lamentation; on the runway – symbol for elegance and attraction; in bed – PASSION and MYSTICISM! Black clothes, especially underwear, is very appealing to both men and women. It looks s*xy, doesn’t it? Men say that the most passionate nights in their life occur when their partner wears black bra with black or tiger tights. Who says that only red is a symbol of passion?!? Black underwear is a perfect ’’excuse’’ for a long passionate night.

An Indian – Women – Only Tip: Put your best transparent underwear and black high – heals. Find an non poisonous black spider and put it in a jar or in any glass bowl. Put the spider under your bed in your bedroom. But, be careful! Your partner mustn’t notice the spider, otherwise the ”magic” will be spoiled. An Indian fairy tale says that black spiders bring happiness and passion in bed if you put it in the bed – room. Partners will have enthusiasm and s*xual wish with hours… and hours… till the sun sets! A long, long passionate making – love – night will be the ”result” if you follow this tip of the old wise Indians!

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