15 Peculiarities That Make Men Feel Insecure




Dear ladies,

The meeting is scheduled; You have decided which dress to put on; The putting- on- make- up- part is finished; Your hair looks perfect… But, you are still standing in front of your mirror with your eyes widely open.  You are spinning around in front of the mirror; You are inspecting yourself from all possible perspectives and desperately seeking some fault in yourself.

Have you ever been in situation of this kind? Excellent! There is no such woman that will admit to herself, with full self – confidence, that she looks perfect!Compared to women, men are ready in 10 minutes time. But, are they ALWAYS self – confident and comfortable with themselves?

Most of the men will not admit that they have doubts regarding their physical appearance. But, there are, also, such men that will say that they are sometimes doubtful whether they have picked the right clothe combination or not. There are 15 ” why” regarding men’s uncertainty.MEN must admit that some of them are typically men – like. Here they are:

I have doubts about:

  1. “My hands are too pale and thin. There is always a gym – option, but I have never did it before. It is sad, isn’t it? ” ;
  2. “Hair Loss.  Whether it is genetics or a medical problem, I don’t care. The reality is that I DON’T LIKE IT AT ALL”;
  3. ”Hand gestures. I do it when I explain some issue… Do I look like a gay? (I’m not, God forbid!)”;
  4. “I like that girl. I am planning to invite her on a dinner. Is this too much?!?
  5. “I met her two days ago. Should I call her or write her a message? ”
  6. ” The meeting went good and I think this romance can turn into a serious relationship.  I think I am not prepared!?!
  7. “Dancing. Girls like dancing.  My girlfriend adores dancing too, but I ‘m terrible!!!  Do I look like a jerk when moving on the music rhythm? “
  8. I lose control over my life when I’m in love (but I will never admit that)”;
  9. “S*x skills. When I have s*x with a girl for the first time, I don’t know how to behave. I wonder, what is she like in bed? What does she want in bed? What does she expect from me? Will I disappoint her?!
  10. “My girlfriend’s EX – boyfriends. Will she compare me with them at least one time? Or, she already has done that?! “
  11. “Who doesn’t like a girl with no ”history”? Maybe it is a bit strange…. But, men like to be ”the first and the last’’ in girl’s life;
  12. About The number of women who I have slept with…I must tell a little ” white” lie…I can’t admit I have slept only with two girls before her… I will turn out to be inexperienced and she may be disappointed”;
  13. “Am I the right choice for her? I have no stable job and I am not a rich person…
  14. Can I always be there for her? Am I strong enough to help her in every field of her life? ” ;
  15. “What do YOU girls mean by the word ”A REAL MAN’’??? On one hand, men should be polite, sensitive and gentle. On the other hand, you want an alpha male that will protect you; You need a brave person that will be like no one else before. This ambiguity is what concerns me. What do YOU GIRLS LIKE, in fact???”

Despite this confession, it can be concluded:

Girls, girls….Don‘t be cruel! As we already said in a text above: Men are human beings too. They also feel insecure and uncertain… They also need motivation and support…

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Comment: I like it … And, I agree… They are human beings too ….

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