7 Lucky Golden Rules for a Doze of Health and Bunch of Beauty




Golden rule number 1: Practice eating sea food and fish at least three times per week- your heart needs it. Nutritionists strongly recommend this( especially tuna – fish and salmon);

Golden rule number 2: Your skin needs olive oil two times per week. There are plenty of ways to include this ” golden rule” in your daily diet (salads are always the best and the healthiest option);

Golden  rule number 3:     Your skin also needs nuts, almonds and hazelnut. Dare eating these little treasures and your skin will be shiner, but also, you can loose weight faster;

Golden rule number 4:     His Highness- The fruit! Eat fruit every day and it will ”kill” your food desire (it helps your body detect the amount of food needed for balanced metabolism);

Health BeautyGolden rule number 5:     Vegetables are a ”must” in your daily diet because of their antioxidant properties (especially , tomatoes and cucumbers) ;

Golden rule number 6:    Use integral flour ( it helps you loose weight because it has low amount of calories);

Golden rule number 7:    Include turkey  meat in your diet at least one dish per week. It is full of vitamins and minerals that keep your body fit and healthy.

Extra rule: you MUSTN’T miss:  SMILE  –  The body is healthy, only if the soul is sane!

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