Perfect Girl Creates Perfect Relationship. Big Girls Don’t Cry!




Game Over!

Emotional relationships are part of everyday life. You may be single now or with a partner, but I am sure you have at least one break-up in your past life.

I bet the following image crosses your mind right now: You fight with your current partner a lot; He goes out with his friends – you go   out with your own at the same time; He doesn’t call you that often lately as he used to, or you got that impression; He is being stubborn and is waiting for you to call first – you think men must take the first step. Didn’t you know that perfect girl creates perfect relationship? It is up to you…

This is your fight number 1001- it is finally over. This is a decision you make by yourself without asking for his opinion!

Am I Fat or the Mirror Doesn’t Like Me Anymore!

He does not like me anymore. Am I boring? I have gained weight. My skin does not look fresh anymore. I know, my hair is the problem – he prefers blond girls… I need a hairdresser immediately! Where I have put the phone number of my cosmetic saloon…I need badly a peeling… and a massage…

My skin looks a kind of loose and some awful brown mini dots that have appeared under my. My wardrobe needs a little ”restoration”. A short manicure will do a lot… I have also concluded that I don’t use red lipstick at. However, after I repair myself and turn into the perfect girl, will he come back again?

Sis’ It’s Your Fault!

No, he won’t be back, you can be a perfect girl as much as you like, but he won’t.  Unless you are the one to call him first and say ”sorry”. However, it is 101% probability that you won’t. What is done – is done and nothing could be done to change the situation. But sis’, admit it – It’s your fault! He goes out with his friends as much as you go out with yours. You didn’t invite him to your place when you girls were parting alone. You didn’t even answer him the phone and the poor guy thought something happened to you – he called the police and each hospital in the city.

Above all, you said you were going third shift on work. And because he didn’t find you on your workplace and you didn’t answer the phone – he appeared at your place – he didn’t want to control you! He wasn’t thinking the way you did. You were the jealous one the last time his boss, who is a nice beautiful woman, rewarded him for the great job he had done. But, he is not sleeping with her…

Sis – Hello! Open your eyes! What was he supposed to think when your boss invited you for a drink last Saturday? And, you didn’t tell your boyfriend because you were afraid he was going to be jealous….but he saw you at the cafe and his reaction was far more polite than the yours when you saw him with his attractive boss – although he knows your boss likes you… that’s not what a perfect girl does! Dear jealousy – you have ruined my life or, it is my fault…! I start believing in the phrase that perfect girl create perfect relationship

A Chocolate Therapy

chocolate therapy

Never mind, I will find a new boyfriend… I’ll find…, ugh… I will find even better than you will! Yeah, better than you… I will be perfect girl for him, yeah… Oh my God, I miss him so much! Never mind, remorse doesn’t help much in situations of this kind… But, I know I must think of something that would help in such situations…Think, girl, think! Yes, you must be perfect girl… Repeat: You must turn into  a perfect girl …Think…Eureka! A chocolate candy would be fine… A bar would end up this depression…A bar would make me a perfect girl for a perfect relationship…

Hum, when I think better, a chocolate pudding is nice option too…I would be even more than perfect girl…, or, a cream maybe… Yam, yam… A chocolate cake would be PERFECT! One piece of the cake  for me – one for him; A piece for my depression- a piece for my remorse, FINALLY, a piece to make the perfect girl only for him…Ugh, I think I’m gonna throw up…If only I could throw up the ugly words I had told him the last time, altogether with the cake…”

Time For Recovery

I still feel nausea from that chocolate cake. In fact, the chocolate therapy didn’t help much…Stupid girl! If only chocolate could heal bad temper…and jealousy, also… I think of him often and wonder what is he doing now…? I shake my head… Stupid girl! You are here crying after him and thinking how to turn into the perfect girl and he is having fun with his friends and laughing at you. They probably say to him the break – up with you was his best decision ever! He has another girlfriend, I bet! I hope she is uglier than the wicket witch herself… loll! Of course, the truth is different – he is home alone listening to your favorite tracks.

I Miss You

However, you are not far from the truth: he will find another girlfriend who will know how to appreciate him. Men need a little ego – builder from time to time and you will have them eat from your hand. Okay, you have messed it up the last time. But, be careful not to repeat the same mistake twice.

Time for recovery you will need a lot: here is your chance for a second girl – only party. Go out; have fun drink brandy as much as you can; Dance on the floor like you never did before! But, after you have done all of this, find a new guy to repair the old mistake. It is an obligatory part of the therapy!

Bear in mind the next time: Perfect girls create perfect relationship!

We have exhausted the issue ”breaking – up’’. He is gone, but life goes on after the end of your relationship. Enough of eating chocolates and nausea, enough of eating pop – corns in the cinema alone – ENOUGH OF THAT! It’s no use of crying over spitting milk (a proverb). Invite your friends to get lost somewhere in the city center with them!

Perfect Girl

You broke up, so what? Are you the first, or the last? Maybe a person, the right one, maybe, is waiting for you to notice him. In addition, you can’t because of the tears after your latest boyfriend in your eyes. Maybe, there is another chance for you waiting at the ”corner of the future’’. Don’t make it wait for you for too long…There is someone who would see you as the perfect girl, although you are not. Go for it! Do it – NOW!

People in love are not literally blind, but often fail to use their sight in practice!

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