Men Are Human Beings Too! Shocking News!

(pssst, It’s a girl’s secret, again) …

It Is A Fact!

Dear girls, I believe many of you think men don’t have feelings. I bet you think their brain is formed a part of watching – football – compulsion and part of a ”mixture” of s*xual fantasies and desire for well prepared and delicious meal. Oh, I must disappoint you – men have two brain hemispheres as you girls have. More or less, the shape of the brain is the same.

Ladies, I know I have brought your ego to zero, but it is the truth – men are better drivers than women. Well, it is not a big deal…!Your husband, brother or boyfriend can always park your car in the biggest traffic jam if you  fail to do so. Anyway, I must disappoint you one more time. Since they are human beings too, men have feelings too.

They don’t feel comfortable at all when YOU girls tell lies to them. Men notice when girls tell lies to them and when they show interest about other guys. Cheating in this case is out of question – a man would always notice your betrayal! And, how would he feel about it?!? Terrible, believe me. You don’t understand the men? Try to understand the male ego first.

The Men Ego

A cheated girl is always thinking of how to pay the guy back a measure for measure and also thinking of buying new clothes in order to be more seductive, more attractive. A man, maybe, would not cry, but the tears his soul could cry out are more sincere than the ”salted water” that comes from woman’s eyes.

Men Are Perfect?!

Wait a minute! Men are not saints – don’t twist the point!!! There are such a men that are complete idiots. But, generally, men are simple creatures that don’t need nail – polishers, lipsticks, eyeliners and mini-skirts. Men need love, affection devotion, but rarely receive these treasures because they don’t ask for them. A men will never say ”I need you to love me… ”- It’s up to you to find the way to his heart.

Every Woman Is A B

Like a little child, a man will only wrap around his hands on you, embrace you and won’t say a word. He may not speak up and shout ”I love you”. However, can you read between the lines? He is always there for you…He looks at you with that look of a God and a fragile boy – that look only a man in love has. Is it really necessary he to speak and pronounce that stupid, ordinary sentence ”I love you” ? Men suffer when their love is unrequited (Such a pity – a woman can be such a b****! ).

Poor Men

Also, men are not so inept as sometimes are depicted (nowadays men do the domestic things: do the dishes, cook…). To state that a man is incapable of anything related to domestic activities is same  as to state that a woman has to stay at home ONLY and mustn’t have the right to vote. WAKE UP! It’s 21 century!!!

Being Human

While the race between men and women and who is discriminated more (from the two parties) lasted, men started loosing their rights. Women raised their voice and took the job in their own hands: ”Who needs men?!? We are capable of everything! We stand up early; Go to work; Make lunch; Do the laundry; Clean the house; Drive car; Do the gardening …Do you want to hear more?!?”

Can You Women Really Do It?

Then, why you call your ”honey” to pick up the children from school when you ”can’t make it” ?; Why you ask him to order a pizza because you are too tired too cook the dinner; Why you tell him to drive the car when you are going on a holiday (and you are carelessly sleeping on the back seat with your children); Why do you ask him to to the  the shopping in the supermarket while you are washing the dishes…

Men vs WomenDear ladies, maybe you should ask yourself  whether  you are capable of doing everything at the same time? Let men do the men’s job and you do yours. If you do everything a man should do, the world will be full of ”Mr. Inepts” . Poor men – now they are about loose their right to vote…

It’s nobody’s fault…

It’s nobody fault… it’s 21 century’s fault! Men and women have apparently, switched their roles…

”John, you idiot, give me your tools  to repair the car!!! ” , says Sara.

” OK, honey, but only if you lend me your dress, you know, the red one…!!!

Sad but true…