Meaningful Beauty Has 7 Faces In Winter




Have you ever wondered what is the best nutrition for you? Or, what is the best mixture to use in order to achieve the following goals at the same time: TO BE HEALTHY and TO BE BEAUTIFUL. It is no secret that good nutrition helps you feel good, but also affects your outer appearance.

Here is some advice for improving and stressing the beauty of 6 parts of your body. Here we go:

SKIN – Winter is a season that ” kills” the elasticity of your skin. It becomes dry and shineless. In order to give back ” life” to your skin, eat a lot of fruit, especially lemon, watermelon, and melon. Watermelon and melon are not found easily in winter, but compotes from these fruits is a good solution. Also, drink at least 10 glasses of water per day and eat one coffee – spoon of honey.

Skin Care Here is one simple revitalizing face – mask recipe for you:

  • In 1/3 glass of yogurt add 2 spoons of honey, 1/3 of lemon juice, and 1 spoon of melted nuts or almonds. Mix well and spread it on your face. Leave it for 15 to 30 minutes. Then, wash your face with plain water. Your skin will be soft, elastic, and full of life.

EyelidsEYE-LIDS – You can’t get rid of those awful dark circles around your eyes? Nothing easier! The good old recipe for this ” disease” is cucumber. Cut two circles of this vegetable and put it on your eyes. Of course, you will have to lie down in order for the cucumber circles not to fall down.

LIPS – Juicy, soft, tender lips is something that you have always dreamed of. Winter makes lip – skin rough and dry. Mix a spoon of honey and one coffee – spoon of olive oil and put some of this mixture on your lips before going to bed. The result next morning will be soft lips and protected from further damaging and drying.

Girl LipsHAIR – Protect your hair from the wind, first of all, by wearing a hat. The next step is the application of a home-made – hair mask. Here is the recipe:

  • Mix a glass of olive oil with one egg. Mix it well and put on the ends of your hair. Leave it for one hour and then wash with water and regular shampoo. Your hair will be silky and shiny and split ends will be history.

NAILS – In boiled water put some chestnuts to cook. Cook it for one hour and then separate the water from the chestnuts. You need only the chestnut water for this recipe. In one glass of this water add some lemon juice, some, orange juice, some ginger, and almond oil. Put this mixture in a bowl and put your hands in this liquid. Stay in this position for 20 minutes. Do not wash your hands in the next hour. And the chestnuts… you are free to eat them!

NailsHEELS – If your heals are rough in winter, make chamomile tea and add a half glass of salt in it. Put your legs in it and stay in this position for 10 minutes. You can repeat this procedure every day, but be careful– the tea has to be warm.Beauty HeelsNECK – Women often forget that the skin on their neck is very sensitive in winter. Also, it is good to be mentioned that the tonic you use for your face skin is not always suitable for your neck. The neck- skin is usually even drier than the one on your face. For cleaning your neck use a mixture of chamomile and sweet mint tea. Clean your neck- skin at least 5 days during the week.How To Take Care Of Your Neck

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