6 New – Year’s – Eve – Reasons For Fight




Here Are 6 reasons why Couples Fight During New 2014 Year’s Eve and Similar feasts, Such as Christmas.

  1. Family: Couples usually fight weather to celebrate this day with ” his” family or ” her” family. Make an arrangement: First go to one place, then to the other one… and problem solved;
  2. Money: During feasts, a lot of money is spent on presents. Don’t waste a lot of money- you don’t need to buy expensive presents;
  3. Too much time spent together: See your friends during these days- your partner is not the center of the world;
  4. Unsuitable questions made by parents, such as: ” When will you propose her… ‘‘, or,” It’s high time you two start planning your life together…! ” . Don’t pay attention to such comments;
  5. Your ”darling” didn’t buy the present you had expected. It’s not a big deal! New Year is not only about presents- it’s about time spent together;
  6. You’ve gained weight: So what? You are still the same person he had met! A little work- out will help a lot.

Live your life according to your plan, Love and don’t eat too much during New Year’s Eve

Finally, it is only an ordinary day…

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