Why is Juicing Central Pillar of Fighting Against Cancer?




The daily juicing routine should be a part of everyday nutrition and a way of living in the Healthline – recommends Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. Good nutrition is a good source of concentrated raw nutrients determinant in that fight.

Scientists and doctors work hard on their research to gain crucial knowledge for people’s needs. Their hard work in fighting cancer gives different methods for the healing of this fatal disease.

Most often methods for healing this disease are chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and targeted therapies. However, most of these methods are too expensive for most people and are still effective only for some cancer types. Most of the patients having carcinoma have ended malnourished because of their disease and the aggressiveness of the subjected treatments.

Benefits of Juicing

Fruit and vegetable are sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants necessary for preserving a healthy organism. Freshly made vegetable juice provides nutrients with many calories necessary and you still keep ideal form. Preparing for juicing won’t take you much time and it far better and healthier than drinking processed juices.

Dr. Gonzalez’s advice goes against drinking processed juices. Though not filled with bacteria usually contained by raw fruits and vegetables they are still pasteurized. They lose their MD Anderson in the manufacturing process. This means you can’t gain an ideal amount of nutrients from processed juice.

Juicing - Fresh JuicesHe also advises his patients to consume more portions with vegetables during the day and use fresh fruit and vegetable juice as a supplement. This means that in such a way the organism has additional nutritional benefit in an easily absorbed form.

Because fiber is greatly removed during the juicing process, juices are absorbed very fast in the organism without appearing of digestive effort. The faster the body absorbs nutrients from fruit and vegetable juices as fast are cells hydrated and filled with energy. This effect is another benefit of juicing.

Types of Juicers for Best Juicing

There are many types of juicers to use today each with virtues and flaws. However, you need to find a juiced easy for using and maintaining still giving quality and concentrated juice.

  • Centrifugal Juicers – Most common and cheapest kinds of juicers. Ideal for juicing of big fruits;
  • Masticating Juicers – Good for juicing wheatgrass and leafy vegetables. Affordable with pricing;
  • Hydraulic Press Style Juicers – Most expensive juicers but also most recommended for use. Doctors say that they don’t spread much heat in the juicing process meaning they don’t destroy fruit and vegetable enzymes. Their concentration is the healthiest and most nutrient.

 The Best Juice and Smoothie Recipes

Regardless of the juicer, you choose the benefit of the juices obtained is approximately the same. It is important that juicing, fruit, and vegetable juices become your daily routine and a healthy living habit.

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The Amazing Value of Juicing for Cancer Patients

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez – Cancer and Juicing

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