Here's Why You Should Never Drink Iced Water

Here’s Why You Should Never Drink Iced Water

(HealthAndLovePage)  There are many people who order water with no ice when they are out in a restaurant. This is something that makes many people confused and wondering why someone would do something like that. There is actually more than one reason why you should never drink iced water. Here’s why.

To start with, close your eyes and imagine a situation like this:

You are outside in the nature, standing still on a wooden dock that goes deep into a mountain like. The scene takes place during springtime. This is why the temperature is more or less warm, but the lake itself looks cold because the ice was melted a few days ago and you can see that by the look of the upper layer of the lake. You close your eyes and start diving. What do you think that your body will do? What about your skin? Will you feel relaxed and calm or tight and stressed?

Here's Why You Should Never Drink Iced Water

You are probably aware of the fact that warm water has the ability to open up the pores and loosen your skin and that cold water actually constrict the pores and tighten the skin in general. Well, you can expect a similar effect from drinking cold water and it is your digestive tract that will suffer the most.

Why You Should Never Drink Iced Water

What Happens When You Drink Cold Water?

  • When you consume cold water and beverages in general, the blood vessels get smaller, your digestive system is not working properly and hydration is slowed down.
  • Rather than being focused on proper digestion of foods and absorption of nutrients in order to produce energy, your body is using energy to normalize the temperature. The final result is water loss.
  • Furthermore, drinking cold water after any meal leads to creation of excess mucus in the body, which often leads to improper immune system function. In other words, you will become more prone to colds, flu and other similar illnesses.
  • In case you consume food while drinking cold water or beverages or right after you are finished eating, the temperature of water makes the fats from the foods we just had solid. That’s why the body will have more problems to digest the unnecessary and unwanted fats in our system.

There are people who claim that drinking ice water is actually good for your health because it burns calories. On the other hand, the “opposition” to this habit argues that people should not force their digestive system to work harder – the basic goal is to help all systems in our body to work properly. In addition, there are numerous ways in which we can get rid of extra weight and calories.

The Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

We are presenting you several health benefits of drinking water that has room temperature or water that is warmer than room temperature:

  • Your body will get hydrated faster and the hydration will be improved.
  • Food will be processed in an easier way.
  • Natural digestive enzymes are supported which results in enhanced digestion.
  • You will get better bowel movement especially if you use warm water with lemon when you get out of bed.
  • It cleanses the blood and improves the natural detoxification that takes place in your body through your skin, lymphatic system and kidneys.

From the moment you start practicing the habit of drinking warm water (room temperature or warmer) you will witness the improvement in your digestive system and the way your body handles the meals once you are finished eating. There are people who claim that drinking warm water has helped them with their frequent sugar cravings.