Why Dehydration Makes You Sick, Fatty and Leads to Death?




Do you know what dehydration is? Did you know that 60-75% of the human body consists of water? This percentage varies depending on the age. However, regardless of the normal amount, the slightest change in that level can cause problems for human health.

Many studies have proven that only 1-2% of the lost water can cause symptoms like moodiness, fatigue, poor concentration and low energy level. In such cases, you should increase the intake of water, because the body is in a state of dehydration.

Symptoms of dehydration include thirst, nausea, headache, dizziness, dry mouth, etc… If the person experiencing shock, lethargy or a lack of sweat, it means it is in a state of severe dehydration. That condition must be treated immediately, because it is life threatening.

Most susceptible to dehydration are people with diabetes and people who suffer from alcohol addiction. Pregnant, breastfeeding and women in the menstrual cycle are also susceptible to dehydration. The age is not excluded from the reasons for dehydration.

Reasons for Dehydration

Dehydration - Fat and Sick

States of Dehydration

Severe, acute diarrhea – In this condition, the body loses large number of electrolytes in a short period. Bacterial, viral infection, food sensitivity, reaction from taken drugs or the colon disorder can cause diarrhea. If diarrhea is accompanied by vomiting, then you lose more fluids and minerals. Most exposed to risk are infants and children.

Fever – The level of dehydration is increased by raising the temperature of your body. Тhe situation becomes even more difficult If you experience vomiting and diarrhea, because the body loses twice more fluids.

Excessive sweating – While increased physical activity or hot weather, you sweat, and your body ejects fluids. The more you sweat the more fluid you lose. If you do not replace lost fluids, you are exposed to dehydration. Teenagers are most exposed to this risk due to their weight and because they do not recognize the warning signs of dehydration. So, drink water.

Heat injury – If you do not drink water during exercise or other physical activity, it leads to vigorously sweating. You are at risk of heat injury. Mild heat cramps, exhaustion or heat stroke occurs, which could be life threatening.

Swelling of the brain (cerebral edema) – When you try to recharge the body with fluids after dehydration, it pulls too much water in your cells. This can cause swelling and disruption of the function of cells. The consequences can be very serious if it affects the brain cells.

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Seizures – Electrolyte such as potassium and sodium, carry electrical signals from cell to cell. If electrolytes in your body are out of balance, the normal electrical messages will be mixed up, which could lead to forced muscle contractions and even loss of consciousness.

Low blood volume shock (hypovolemic shock) – Low blood volume reduces blood pressure and the amount of oxygen in the body. This is the most serious risk of dehydration which is also life threatening.

Kidney failure – Dehydration prevents proper kidney function. In this case, the kidneys are unable to remove excess fluid and waste material from the blood, which can lead to sepsis.

Coma and death – if not treated immediately and properly, severe dehydration can be fatal.

Consequences of Dehydration

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