74-year-old Man Won The Stomach Cancer with The Help of Wheatgrass




Stomach cancer is one of the most dangerous forms of cancer. This is something that Danny MacDonald a 74-year-old retiree from Ireland has found out not while ago because after he was diagnosed with this type of cancer, doctors predicted about 3 months of life.

Danny was well-aware that Kris Carr won’t have any effect in three months and decided to test some alternative healing methods. Now, four years after that he feels quite well mostly because of the amazing wheatgrass juice made with young wheat stalks.

Wheatgrass and Stomach Cancer

According to Danny, he told his doctors that he won’t accept the suggested treatments, and the doctors were not pleased with his answer. They have repeated several times that he will be dead in just a few months. He was not sure if he is doing the right thing, but the decision was made.

After only one week he started to feel much better and some of the symptoms like itching were gone. When he felt this relief he completely stopped taking the medications prescribed by his doctors.

After one month, he was free of all the pain that made his life very difficult before. He started drinking about 28 grams of juice on a daily basis and gradually increased the amount. In addition, he was able to return to his initial weight which was lost due to the illness.

Danny MacDonald says that he knows many people who still don’t believe his words, but he is sure that wheatgrass juice saved his life.

He has effectively recovered from cancer and he is proof of the healing power of wheatgrass.

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